How to create an art collection

What makes an art collection?

Unlike simple art assemblages, art collections are well-planned projects, established when collectors submerge themselves deep into the subject of their interest and spend years and years looking for very particular art pieces that can bring the entire narrative together.

What makes a good art collector?

An art collector should always act with a respect for the craft of art. An understanding of the time, dedication and creativity that is required to create a range of beautiful and impactful artworks is essential to truly excel at art collection.

How do I manage my art collections?

6 Essential Tips for Managing Your Collection
  1. Record and organize relevant information.
  2. Research artists in your collection.
  3. Track the success of similar works in the market.
  4. Confer with professionals.
  5. Use digital tools.
  6. Store your works properly, and don’t be fooled by the biggest misconception.

What does CCO mean in art?

Cataloging Cultural Objects (CCO) is a manual to help you describe, document, and catalog cultural artifacts (like art and architecture) and visual media that represent them.

What is CCO metadata?

CCO is the first data content standard specifically intended for cataloging of cultural heritage materials and their images. ➢ CCO follows on the development of metadata element sets (e.g., CDWA,VRA Core) and controlled vocabulary standards (AAT, TGN, ULAN, etc.) for art & cultural materials.