How to create a recipe database

How do I create a database using Excel?

How do I create a recipe collection?

8 simple steps to creating a personalised recipe book
  1. Plan it out. Gather all your favourite recipes from your friends and family.
  2. Pick a theme. Decide if your recipe book will include all sorts of recipes or if it will focus on a specific theme: Desserts?
  3. Structure it.
  4. Start cooking.
  5. Get creative.
  6. Have some fun with design.
  7. Focus on the little details.
  8. Tell a story.

How do I create a database in Access 2016?

Open Microsoft Access and click on “New Blank Database” at the top of the screen. On the right hand side, a box will come up and ask you to give it a filename and select where you want to save the file. Click on the “Create” button and now you are ready to start building your database.