How to create a line account

Can you create line account without phone number?

To log in, you will need to select either using phone number or Facebook account. Select and tap “Login with Facebook”. This is the only way to get LINE account without phone number. If you are a heavy user of Facebook, this is the easiest way to add a lot of friends with no effort.

How do I sign in line?

Logging in with a phone number
  1. Start the PC version of LINE.
  2. From the login screen, click Phone Number Login.
  3. Select your country code, then enter your phone number and password > click Login.

Can you have 2 line accounts?

With the LINE lite app you can easily access the same LINE account on two devices. For Android device users, using a clone app means that you can use two different accounts on the same device without having to root the device.

What is a Line account?

Your account includes your registered phone number, profile photo, and LINE ID. Deleting your account will also delete this registered information. LINE IDs are used to identify individual accounts and must be set by users themselves.

How do I get a premium ID line?

To purchase a Premium ID from the LINE Official Account Manager app:
  1. Tap the account you want to configure in the Accounts list.
  2. Tap Billing > Premium ID.
  3. Enter the ID of your choice under “Purchase a Premium ID.”
  4. Confirm the Premium ID you entered and the annual fee, then tap Purchase Premium ID.

What is a line called?

A line is a straight one-dimensional figure having no thickness and extending infinitely in both directions. A line is sometimes called a straight line or, more archaically, a right line (Casey 1893), to emphasize that it has no “wiggles” anywhere along its length.

How do I find an official LINE account?

By sharing the LINE ID of your LINE Official Account, users can search and add your LINE Official Account as a friend on LINE. You can find the LINE ID of your LINE Official Account, which starts with the “@” symbol, in the header of LINE Official Account Manager .

How do you send a line contact?

1. Tap the + button next to the message entry field. 2. From the pop up select “Contact Info” then select the contacts you want to share.

How do you send a line invite?

Inviting Friends
  1. From the Home tab, tap the Add friends icon > Invite.
  2. Choose Text message or Email.
  3. Choose a friend, then tap Invite.

How do I forward a line message?

  1. Tap and hold the message you want to forward to from the message room.
  2. Tap ‘Forward‘.
  3. Select whether to forward messages one by one or by binding them.
  4. Select messages you want to forward and tap ‘Confirm’.
  5. Select from Contact or Message Room and tap ‘Confirm’ to forward the message(s).

What is auto add friends in line?

If your friends do not have your number in their phonebook, but allow others to autoadd them on Line, you might be shown as “Recommended Friends” and a notification will let them know that you added them.

Can someone see if you add them on line?

When you add friends on the Line app, in most cases the other person won’t receive any notification that it happened. At the same time, if someone adds you, you won’t get a notification either. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to see if someone added you as a friend. It is just a bit more subtle.

Why can’t I add friends on line?

Issues with Adding Friends

If the message “Sorry, the account you are trying to add cannot accept any more friends.” appears when you try to add a user, it means they cannot be added as a friend because they have already been added by too many other users. Let us know if we can make it better. Sorry about that.

Can you see who added you on line?

The only way someone friended you on Line app is if you‘ve receive the generated message ‘So and so added you by phone number’ they were able to add you by phone number just because you both have each other’s number on your phone contact list but they will not be able to send you any messages until you approve it.

Can other line users see my phone number?

Can other line users see my phone number? No, they cannot see your phone number. They can call you *through* the app but it is not a call to your phone number. Any photos or videos that you post in your line app can be seen but they cannot see any other photos on your phone.

What does the green dot mean on line app?

A green dot indicates that the person is free to talk. You can also see the last time a user was active in the app through the Last seen status.

How do you know if someone is online on line?

The quickest way to determine if someone is online is to send the person a message and check if he or she reads it. You can also go to the person’s timeline and look for the latest posts. To navigate to their timeline, tap on the user’s profile and select Posts from the bottom left.

How can I send a message to someone who blocked me on line?

Yes! You can tell your message by writing on “Group Name”. This is how to send a message to the person who block you.

What happens when you hide someone on line?

When you hide an account on LINE: You can still receive chat messages from that account. It will appear in Hidden users instead of your friend list. You‘ll see profile and Timeline updates for that account.

How can you see if someone is on their phone?

Can you tell if someone is faking their location?

Detecting Mock Locations & Fake GPS Position on Android

The app can detect that users have enabled ALLOW_MOCK_LOCATION but has no easy way to determine whether locations received are mock or real. The app can detect that the location came from a mock provider when the API returns true.

Can someone track my phone without me knowing?

You need to install the phone tracking app on the target Android device in order to track it, regardless of whether you want to do it secretly or not. Once you have installed it, the app icon completely vanishes from the app menu of the target phone. Only you can bring it back with a secret code.