How to create a group in smart life app

How do you group smart lights?

Can you group lights in smart life?

You have to select one of the light, then tap on the pencil at the top right corner. Then tap on “Create Group” and select which lights you want to be in that group, and confirm it.

How do I add a family member to my smart life?

Click the pull-down arrow at the top left corner to add a family and manage families. One account can manage multiple families at the same time. The user can operate a device in a family by selecting your family.

How do you make a smart life scene?

Find “Smart Life” Select “Tap to Run Shortcut Control” Add it to your Home Screen. You can Now Select any scene you want, or any customized White balance scene and launch into it directly from the widget.

Is Tuya and smart life the same?

Is tuya and smart life the same? In terms of features, they are the same APP. Tuya Smart App and Smart Life App are both official Tuya App. The only difference between the two is that the Tuya Smart App uses the Tuya logo and elements, while the Smart Life App removes all Tuya logo and elements.

What is Tuya compatible?

In 2020, Tuya created an official integration for devices which work with the SmartLife App. Not all models from all brands work with the SmartThings integration, however. For the ones that do not, you can create scenes in the smartlife app which can be added to SmartThings Automations.

How do I connect to Tuya smart?

Select “Tuya Smart” and tap “ENABLE” to enable the Skill. You will be redirected to the account link page. Type in your Tuya Smart account and password, don’t forget to select the country/region where your account belongs to. Then tap “Link Now” to link your Tuya Smart account.

Is Tuya smart safe?

TuyaSmart is very safe to use.

How do I install Tuya smart plug?

How do you connect LED lights to Tuya smart app?

kindly connect it as below steps: Open “smart life” app after your register it > click “+” on the top right > click “All devices”> click” lighting devices”> then press and hold the wifi led controller for 5-6 seconds > then click the “confirm light blinks rapidly” in the app.>

Can you connect LED lights to your phone?

You can remotely control your led tape lights by your smartphone APP . Compatible with all kinds of smart-phone, Android/IOS. The remote distance reaches 10 meter. Just scan the QR code and download the app, which is great simple and easy for operation.

How do I connect LED lights to my phone with smart life?

Step 1: Search “Smart Life” on Phone or Scan the QR code on User Manual to download it. Step 2: Connect the smart strip light to your local 2.4G WIFI with your phone connecting to it. Step 3: Set up your Smart Life account. Add Device>Lighting devices and confirm the device in the App.

How do I pair my LED remote?

How do I open my LED remote?

To open up the compartment where the battery is, you’ll want to squeeze the little black tab on the back bottom left of the remote in towards the larger black tab next to it. Squeeze the little tab in and pull the compartment out with your finger or nail, and it should slide out.

What does DIY mean on LED light remote?

Using the “DIY” buttons on the controller you can create custom colors. When you press one of the six DIY buttons, the color will change to white, from there, use the color coded arrows on the controller to change the color to whatever you like!

Why can’t I make DIY colors on my LED lights?

If your LED strips are stuck on one color when you change colors, it’s probably because you have been pressing the same color button, which reaches peak value. Try using the reverse button to adjust it higher or lower. If still to no avail, check the contact of your pins and reconnect.

Can you use a different remote for LED lights?

Yes,One remote can control multiple receriver, you need to match code with receiver firstly,following the steps: plug in the LED strips light with the receiver and power supply, using remote, holding the “ON” 5 seconds, then LED strips light would flash,it means the remote has paired with the receiver successfully, rep

Can you program led strips?

There are hundreds of effects that you can create using addressable LED strips. Programming your LED strip gives you a chance to decide which of these possibilities you would like to implement. Think of it as customizing how your LED strips work as opposed to them working arbitrarily.

Can you cut Rgbic LED strips?

2) RGBIC strip lights cannot be connectable or cut because the LEDs are controlled by individual IC chip. The strip light will stop working or the performance will be affected if you cut it.

How do you control LED strips?

To control a multi-color LED strip, you just need to add a new transistor for each new color wire. The above code cycles through different colors at random. It demonstrates how varying the amount of power applied to each RGB wire, changes the color being displayed.