How to create a fundraising thermometer

What is a fundraising thermometer?

What is a Fundraising Thermometer? A fundraising thermometer helps campaigners track incoming funds – and keeps fundraising teams, donors and volunteers motivated.

How do you make a thermometer chart?

How do you show fundraising progress?

A clear goal shows your donors exactly what you need, and tracking the goal publicly keeps them engaged and excited.
  1. Themed Thermometers. Thermometers are a classic icon for tracking fundraising progress.
  2. Puzzle Pieces.
  3. Pie Graphs.
  4. Road Maps.
  5. Filling the Stands.
  6. Hidden Doors.
  7. Other Considerations.

What is a goal thermometer called?

Often underutilized, fundraising thermometers (otherwise also known as donation thermometers, goal thermometers, crowdfunding thermometers, donation trackers, fundraising trackers) are fundamental to online fundraising campaigns. Their ultimate goal is to help raise more money for your nonprofit.