How to create a default profile in windows 7

How do I set a default user profile in Windows 7?

Click Start, right-click Computer, click Properties, and then click Advanced system settings. Under User Profiles, click Settings. The User Profiles dialog box shows a list of profiles that are stored on the computer. Select Default Profile, and then click Copy To.

How do I fix a default profile?

Fixing a Corrupt Default Profile

The easiest way to fix a corrupt default profile is to delete the content of C:\Users\Default and copy it from a working system. Make sure, though, that the machine you copy from has the same operating system version and language.

How do I create a new profile on Windows 7?

Set Up a New Account with Standard Privileges
  1. From the Start menu, choose Control Panel, and then click Add or remove user accounts.
  2. Click Create a new account.
  3. Enter a name for the account, and then select Standard user.
  4. Click Create Account.
  5. Close the window.

What is the default user profile?

The default profile is a template profile that is used when a user logs on to a Windows computer for the first time. The default profile can be customized by the image creator.

What is the default user profile location in Windows 10?

The profile you customized now resides in the default profile location (C:\Users\Default) so the utility can now be used to make a copy of it. a. Open Control Panel > System and Security > System b. Click Advanced system settings on the left c.