How to create a company letterhead

How do I create a letterhead template?

Create a Letterhead Template in Microsoft Word
  1. Lay Out the First Page. Create a new, blank document.
  2. Lay Out the Second Page. Use the Show Next button on the Header and Footer toolbar to go to the Second Page Header.
  3. Close Up and Save. Now, just close the Header and Footer toolbar and delete the page break and the sample text you inserted.

How do I create a letterhead in Word?

Your letterhead design is going to be placed into the Header and Footer section of your Word document, which will automatically repeat on all additional pages. Go to View > Header and Footer. Now some guidelines for headers and footers will show up on the document. Click Insert > Photo > Picture from File.

Can I use company letterhead?

Letterhead is only appropriate if you are still with the same employer. Even then it might be better not to use letterhead at all. Letterhead presumes the writer represents the company whereas, here, you are giving a personal recommendation and, hence, represent yourself.