What happened to brandon hatmaker

What does Brandon Hatmaker do now?

Brandon Hatmaker is a co-founder of Austin New Church located in Austin, Texas. He also co-founded a community foundation called Legacy Collective. Read on to find more about Jen Hatmaker’s former husband.

What happened to Jen and Brandon Hatmaker?

After decades of marriage, the two called it quits in August 2020. While both parties have kept the reason behind their divorce private, there were rumors of Brandon having an affair but none were ever confirmed or denied. …

How old is Jen Hatmaker?

47 years (August 7, 1974)
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Who are Jen Hatmaker’s kids?

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Where was Hatmaker born?

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Who is hatmaker’s father?

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What state does Jen Hatmaker live in?

Life for Jen and Brandon Hatmaker is hardly slow. The couple, who lives in Buda, just south of Austin, are both authors and tour the world on speaking engagements.