How to open config files

How do I open config files in Windows 10?

How to Open a CFG File on Windows 10 Computer
  1. To open the CFG file via Notepad or Notepad++, launch the File Explorer.
  2. Look for the CFG file you want to open.
  3. Right-click on the filename.
  4. Click Open With.
  5. Select either Notepad or Notepad++. If you cannot find it in the option, click More Apps.
  6. Click the OK button.

What app can open config file?

Since CONFIG files are stored in plain text, you can view and edit them with a text editor such as Microsoft Notepad.

How do I open a config XML file?

Using Config Editor
  1. Select File>Open File from the menu bar.
  2. Browse to and open the Config. xml file to be edited.

Can not open config file?

If you must use this openssl then you will need an interpreter that understands those paths, like Bash, which is provided by Cygwin or MSYS. which would be better suited for the Command Prompt. No. I think it means it was compiled with OPENSSLDIR: “/usr/local/ssl”.

What is a config file used for?

In computing, configuration files (commonly known simply as config files) are files used to configure the parameters and initial settings for some computer programs. They are used for user applications, server processes and operating system settings.

How do I open C Windows system32 config?

1) On your keyboard, press the Esc, Shift and Ctrl keys at the same time to open Task Manager. 2) Click the File tab, then click Run new task. 3) Type cmd then check the box next to Create this task with administrative privileges and click OK. 4) Type cd c:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile, then press Enter.

Where is the openssl config file?

OpenSSL by default looks for a configuration file in /usr/lib/ssl/openssl. cnf so always add -config /etc/openssl. cnf to the commands openssl ca or openssl req for instance.

How do config files work?

A configuration file, often shortened to config file, defines the parameters, options, settings and preferences applied to operating systems (OSes), infrastructure devices and applications in an IT context. Software and hardware devices can be profoundly complex, supporting myriad options and parameters.

How do I open a config file in Visual Studio?

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  3. Try adding a new Application Configuration file by right clicking on the console project rather than on the solution.

How read config file in Java?

How to read config. properties file:
  1. Create a java class named ReadPropertyFile. java inside the same project where config. properties file is created → include “public static main” method and Finish.
  2. First we have to create object of Properties class.

How do I edit a conf file?

How to Edit a Configuration File in Windows
  1. Open the Windows start menu and type “wordpad” into the search bar. Right click on the WordPad icon in the start menu and click “Run as administrator” …
  2. Select the file you want to edit in the list of files. …
  3. The file you selected will open in WordPad allowing you to edit it.

What is config data?

Configuration Data means the Facility-specific data that is used in conjunction with the Software, including without limitation, tuning and set point constants, graphical, pictorial and text files, that instantiate the Software for the specific Facility environment. Sample 2.

Where are config files stored?

  1. Generally system/global config is stored somewhere under /etc.
  2. User-specific config is stored in the user’s home directory, often as a hidden file, sometimes as a hidden directory containing non-hidden files (and possibly more subdirectories).

How do I open a config file on a Mac?

To open a CFG file on Mac using TextEdit, open the Finder app and locate the CFG file you’re looking to open. If your Mac is configured to do so, double-click the file. It should open in TextEdit automatically. If it doesn’t, right-click the file and select Open With > Other from the options menu.

Which command allows you to view or edit configuration files?

1. Open the “Terminal” program and open Orchid’s configuration file using the following command: gksudo gedit /etc/opt/orchid_server.

How do you save a .conf file in Windows?

conf file | Windows 8 Help Forums.

  1. Select Save As in Notepad File menu.
  2. In File name, type the name and extension you want to.
  3. In Save as type, select All Files from the drop down list.

How do I comment in a conf file?

To enter comments in a configuration file, use a comment character and enter the comment text anywhere to the right of the comment character on the same line. Valid comment characters are a semicolon (;), a pound sign (#), or two hyphens (–).

What is the config for Mac?

A configuration profile can contain settings for a user’s Mail account, Wi-Fi settings, VPN settings, and more. Configuration profiles can work on Mac computers, iOS and iPadOS devices, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

How do I edit a config file on a Mac?

How to modify DoxBox. conf file in Mac
  1. Go to “Home” folder. Open Finder and go to menu bar > “Go” > “Home”.
  2. Display hidden files. Press Cmd + Shift + . …
  3. Go to the path where dosbox.conf is located. This path is informed in DosBox.conf documentation: …
  4. Open file to edit.

What does uncommented mean?

To uncomment something means to remove the characters that makes it a comment. The expression only makes sense if the comment contains something that would work as code, usually something that was commented out earlier. To uncomment a regular comment would just cause a syntax error.