How to keep a mummy anime

Is how do you keep a mummy anime for kids?

Out of all the new anime that’s come out this season, How to Keep a Mummy is the one I recommend most for parents to show their kids. It’s not the best anime of the bunch, but it is by far the most well-made, family-friendly anime I’ve seen since Non Non Biyori.

Is how do you keep a mummy worth watching?

Seriously worth a watch. The first episode I was like ‘ehhh cringe” but then I kept watching and I LOVED it. I’ll definitely come back and re-watch at some point! It’s so cute, each oni has a different personality, and the characters are unique too.

How do you tame a mummy?

What is a Mukumuku?

The word “mukumuku” is a Japanese onomatopoeia, meaning “shaggy” or “hairy”.

How does keep a mummy end?

It was animated by studio 8bit and ran from January 12, 2018 to March 30, 2018, for a total of 12 episodes.

How do you raise a mummy character?

  1. Sora Kashiwagi.
  2. Asa Motegi.
  3. Daichi Tachiaki.
  4. Tazuki Kamiya.
  5. Kaede Kashiwagi.
  6. Mokuren Kashiwagi.

What age rating is how do you raise a mummy?

Anime Recommendation: How to Keep a Mummy
  1. Age Recommendation: 11+
  2. Genre: Comedy.
  3. # of Episodes: 8 (so far, it’s still currently airing)
  4. Synopsis:
  5. Commentary:

How do you keep a mummy plot?

When high school student Sora Kashiwagi finds himself staring down a mysterious oversized package sent to him by his self-proclaimed “adventurer” father, the last thing he expects is for it to be opened from the inside… by a little mummy so small it can fit in the palm of his hand!