How to create webmoney purse

How do I create a WebMoney wallet?

Registration in the WebMoney system includes four steps
  1. Click on “Sign Up” Next, enter your mobile phone number in the international format.
  2. Enter the your personal information.
  3. Set the password to your purse.
  4. E-mail confirmation.

What is WebMoney purse?

WM-Purse (or simply a Purse) is an attribute registered under a WM Identifier which is used for the accounting of title units. Title units within the WebMoney system can only be stored in purses. Each purse is allocated a registration number and is linked to a WMID.

How do I find my WebMoney purse?

To view the number of the WM purse you created in WM Keeper Standard (Mini), do the following:
  1. Log in to WM Keeper Standard (Mini).
  2. Then enter your login (WMID number, email or phone number) and password.
  3. On the main page, you will see a list of purses, their numbers and balance.

Can I trust WebMoney?

WebMoney Transfer rates as a viable international money transfer service for online and high-risk merchants. The service comes with a significant fraud risk according to some complainants, so users are advised to find more reliable systems for their primary processing needs.

How do I use WebMoney?

After submitting your request, please choose WebMoney Keeper as your method of payment, enter the code you see in the picture and click “Next”. In the form that pops up, enter the number of your WebMoney purse. Finally, confirm that the information you have entered is correct and click “Confirm the Payment” button.

How long does WebMoney withdrawal take?

WebMoney is an electronic payment method currently being used by more than 40 million customers across the globe. You can use this payment method to top up your Exness account commission free.

Deposit and withdraw via WebMoney.

Minimum deposit USD 1
Deposit and withdrawal processing time Instant
Dec 28, 2020

Is PayPal like WebMoney?

PayPal and Webmoney are both E-wallets, however, PayPal is a mainstream international E-wallet while Webmoney is more popular in Russia. PayPal is based on credit cards and couldn’t cover the customers who do not have credit cards.

How do I send money to WebMoney?

Right-click the WebMoney purse from which you want to send money and select the “Send WM” option. Type the purse number of the account to which you want to transfer WebMoney. Type the amount you’re sending and an optional description or comment. Click “OK” or “Send” to complete the transaction.

Which is better WebMoney or perfect money?

WebMoney – Licensed payment method from Russia, having good reputation and used by many companies. Highly secure, payments are reversible in case of disputes. Perfect Money: Payment received in Perfect Money is non-reversible , Not properly licensed payment method.

How do I transfer money from WebMoney to PayPal?

How to make an exchange?
  1. have accounts in both payment systems;
  2. link PayPal account to your Webmoney WMID;
  3. place order for exchange WM to PayPal in our platform;
  4. pay for order with Webmoney Merchant.

How can I buy WMZ?

Follow this link and log in to the service. Select a purse and enter the amount you wish to add which should be no less than 1 WMZ. Enter your bank card details. Agree to the Terms of the Agreement and click `Buy WMZ`.

  1. Visit the website and click ‘Sign up’
  2. Choose your country of residence and provide your mobile number.
  3. Verify your mobile phone by submitting the Confirmation Code sent to you.
  4. Create your password for the account.
  5. Select a currency that you want to use for your purse.

Does WebMoney require verification?

Verification is required:

when withdrawing funds to a bank card via accredited exchange points. when replenishing WMR purse via c2c. web. money more than two cards are used.

How do I withdraw money from WebMoney Philippines?

Users of the WebMoney system residing in the Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal and Bangladesh from now on can withdraw WebMoney in cash. This option is available at withdraw. web. money via the Cashout menu where you can submit an application for a fund transfer.

What is WMZ in WebMoney?

WMZ is a WebMoney Transfer title unit that is a US dollar equivalent. WebMoney Transfer fee for WMZ transfer is equal to 0.8% of the transfer amount. Maximum WebMoney Transfer fee for WMZ transfer is equal to 50.00.

What is my WebMoney account number?

The identifier of user (WMID) is a unique 12-Digit number, which is the address of a member within the WebMoney system. For example, WMID 464889785562 is the identifier of the WebMoney Passport Service.

What is the difference between WME and WMZ?

WMZ is a wallet for USD, WME — for EUR and WMR is for RUB. For instance, I chose two purses, one for dollars, another for roubles. You may notice your WMID number at the top of the page, which is the identifier of your account. Once you have the purse set up, you are ready to send and receive money.

How do I use WebMoney in USA?

1.1 On a site accepting WebMoney as a payment, select a required purchase (goods or services). Fill in all the fields in the order form and select WebMoney as your payment method. To finish this, click on the order confirmation button (these buttons might read “Pay”, “Confirm Order”, “Next”, and so on).

How do I open a perfect money account?

How to Create a PerfectMoney Account
  1. The first thing we have to do to create an account is to visit and click on “Register” to start creating your account.
  2. Once you have put the data correctly, you accept and they will send you an email to the account that in put your real details.

What is Payza account?

A Complete Guide to Send and Receive Money Online from Payza Account. Firstly, PAYZA is an Online Payment Processor and E-Wallet service, that allows you to send and receive money Online securely. Payza can be considered as the best alternative for other Online Payment Processors like PAYPAL & PAYONEER.

How do I create a Payza account?

Create a Payza Account
  1. Visit the signup page.
  2. Choose your country.
  3. Click on Personal or Business account. If you are not a company then click Personal.