How to create user in oracle apps r12

How do I create a user backend in Oracle Apps?

Step 1 : Simple procedure (anonymous block) to create a new user : DECLARE v_user_name VARCHAR2 (100) := upper(‘&Enter_User_Name’); v_description VARCHAR2 (100) := ‘NEW Test User‘; BEGIN fnd_user_pkg.

How do I assign a responsibility to the frontend in Oracle Apps?

To “remove” this responsibility from that user, the only way, as provided by Oracle, is to end-date this responsibility from this user.

How can I add administrative responsibility in Oracle Apps?

To log on to Oracle Applications, double-click on the Oracle Applications icon. The sign-on window appears. Enter user name SYSADMIN and password SYSADMIN to access the system administrator responsibility and choose Connect.

How do I add sysadmin to my backend?

Query to add SysAdmin responsibility to a user
  1. USERNAME => ‘AMOHSIN’, — User Name — <change it>
  2. RESP_APP => ‘SYSADMIN‘, — Apps Short Name.
  3. RESP_KEY => ‘SYSTEM_ADMINISTRATOR’, — Responsibility Key.

How do I change a role in Oracle?

To switch your responsibility:
  1. Click in the Navigate window or choose Navigator from the Window menu to make the Navigate window active.
  2. Choose Switch Responsibility from the Special menu.
  3. Select a new responsibility from the Responsibilities window and choose OK.

How do I set user roles?

If your list of roles is blank, make sure you create roles first.

Assign roles in user profile

  1. Go to Dashboard > User Management > Users and click the name of the user to view.
  2. Click the Roles view, and click Assign Role.
  3. Choose the role you wish to assign, then click Assign.

What is set role in Rapidminer?

Set Role on Titanic Data Set

First the Titanic data set is retrieved from the Samples folder. Then the role of several Attributes are set. An explanation is given of which Attribute is set to which role and the reason for that is given in the comments.

What is responsibility in Oracle Apps r12?

A responsibility is a level of authority in Oracle Applications that lets users access only those Oracle Applications functions and data appropriate to their roles in an organization. Each responsibility allows access to: A specific application or applications, such as Oracle General Ledger or Oracle Planning.

What is Data Group in Oracle Apps r12?

A data group is a list of Oracle Applications and the ORACLE usernames assigned to each application. If a custom application is developed with Oracle Application Object Library, it may be assigned an ORACLE username, registered with Oracle Applications, and included in a data group.

How do I remove frontend in Oracle Apps?

To remove any responsibility from Oracle User account , We have standard API , Which helps to end date the particular responsibility from the User account. We need to pass the Responsibility name and the User account in this API ,to end date responsibility. API do end date responsibility in the sysdate.

What is a request Group in Oracle Apps?

Request group and data group are used while defining a responsibility in Oracle apps. A request group is attached to a responsibility. It defines the concurrent programs you can execute using the responsibility to which this request group is attached.

How do I assign a program to group in Oracle Apps?

Report Registration and add it to request group
  1. Develop a report to register as a concurrent program.
  2. Create Executable: Link it to Report file(.
  3. Create Concurrent Program: Link to it executable defined in previous step.
  4. Enter Parameters and link Value Sets.
  5. Assign the registered Concurrent Program to a request group.

How do you add a set to responsibility?

Attach Concurrent Program / Request Set to Request Group
  1. Find the Request Group of the Responsibility. Responsibility: System Administrator. Navigation: Security > Responsibility > Define.
  2. Attach the Concurrent Program/Request Set to the Request Group. Responsibility: System Administrator.

How do you find the request group of a concurrent program from front end?

Navigate to the “Submit New Request” screen, where you will enter the name of the concurrent program to run. Note down the two values from Step 5 and Step 6. These will indicate the request group to which you must add your concurrent program.

Where is responsible for concurrent programs in Oracle Apps?

language = USERENV(‘LANG’) AND fcp. user_concurrent_program_name = ‘PO Output for Communication’ ORDER BY 1, 2, 3, 4; In the above query, instead of PO Output for Communication enter the concurrent program name whose responsibilities you wish to find.

Where is request group for a concurrent program in Oracle Apps?

6 Important Table Used by SQL query to find concurrent program attached to request group
  1. fnd_request_groups.
  2. fnd_request_group_units.
  3. fnd_concurrent_programs.
  4. fnd_concurrent_programs_tl.
  5. fnd_application.
  6. fnd_application_tl.