How to create synthetic chemical in growtopia

How do you make Chemsynth in Growtopia?

A Chemsynth Processor has to be placed down with ten Chemsynth Tanks to the right of it. To begin the chemical synthesizing, a player has to wrench the Chemsynth Processor while carrying atleast 5 of each Chemical.

How do you make a haunted chemical in Growtopia?

Haunted Chemical is a item produced by dropping any chemical on Growganoth. It is required to make the Xenonite Crystal.

What do you do with radioactive chemical in Growtopia?

The Radioactive Chemical is a chemical that was introduced along with the Superhero Pack. It is used to make Burning Hands, the Xenonite Crystal, the Radioactive Synthoid, the Nuclear Detonator, and the Hand Drill.

How do you use a lab in Growtopia?

Function. A Laboratory can be opened or closed by being punched. As a Chemical Combiner, it can be used to combine three different sets of items. A stack of new items will be created afterwards.