How to create special force 2 account

How do I download SF2?

SF2 New Client Installation Guide
  1. Download the full client installer here: SF2_Full_Client_Installer.
  2. Extract the file after downloading. Make sure that the two files are in the same folder without any files included.
  3. To start the installation, double-click “Setup.exe”.
  4. Setup Wizard will appear. Click Next to proceed.

Is Special Force 2 free?

Special Force 2 (SF2) is a free-to-play online first person shooter and the sequel to the massively popular Special Force. Engage the enemy in challenging and fast-paced game modes. Customize your weapons to suit your style.

How do you play Special Forces Group 2?

Step 1: Open Special Forces Group 2 Game. Step 2: Click on multiplayer settings as shown below: Step 3: In the multiplayer section select the “Local with Hotspot” option. Step 4: The player who is going to host the game has to turn on his mobile Hotspot and everyone else has to connect to it.

Can I play Special Forces Group 2 offline?

Are you a fan of First Person Shooter games? With Special Forces Group 2 you get the experience of 3D Person Shooter in real time. It features an offline mode so you can play it without any internet connection and is one of the more fast-paced offline Android game compared to most others.

Is Special Forces Group 2 Chinese game?

Special Force 2 is a professional league run by Electronic Sports League in Western Europe that began in 2013. The Special Force II Pro League in Taiwan that is run by Taiwan eSports League and broadcast on Fox Sports 3. The inaugural season kicked off on October 2, 2015.

Who owns Soldier Front?

Type of site Online game portal
Available in English (all titles), Spanish and German (Soldier Front and GunZ only)
Owner Aeria Games
Created by Ashton Mentz, La Mirada, CA

What is the MB of Special Forces Group 2?

Latest version

Special Forces Group 2 is a first-person action game that’s openly inspired by the legendary Counter-Strike 1.6. It offers a game experience that’s very similar to the legendary game from Valve, but from the comfort of an Android device and with a control system that’s perfectly adapted to touchscreens.