How to create query in sap with steps

How do I create a Tcode query in SAP?

Create transaction for SAPQuery
  1. Open transaction SE93.
  2. Put object name ,sort text for your transaction.
  3. Choose radio button 5. Transaction with parameter.
  4. Default value for transaction ‘START_REPORT’
  5. In bellow default value section insert default value. SREPOVARI-REPORTTYPE = AQ “Parameter indicating Abap Query.
  6. Save the transaction.

Which SQL is used in Hana?

When we use BW on HANA, then we create cubes in BW and HANA, which act as relational database and always produce a SQL Statement. However, when we directly access HANA views using OLAP connection, then it will act as OLAP database and MDX will be generated.


Most RDBMS database uses SQL as database language, the reason of being popular is – it is powerful, vendor independent and standardized. SAP HANA also supports SQL. In SAP HANA, SQL is the main database language.

What is difference between SQL and Hana?

The SQL version is based on disk storage technology whereas the HANA is on in-memory technology. For HANA, the data is loaded on the memory of the server and as there are no physical moving parts to retrieve the data, it supports applications and functions that require a lot of processing power.

Is SAP HANA a cube?

A HANA-optimized Info Cube is a standard Info Cube which optimized and persisted in the SAP HANA database. It provides all features and functions of previous Info Cubes. The only Dimensional Table Present is Package which holds the necessary Technical Information of the Cube.

How does HANA DB work?

SAP HANA is designed to replicate and ingest structured data from SAP and non-SAP relational databases, applications, and other systems quickly. The replicated data is then stored in RAM rather than loaded onto disk, the traditional form of application data storage.

Is SAP HANA better?

SAP HANA provides real-time analysis and decision-making capability. It enables processing of large amounts of data while the business is going on. Thus, it provides instant real-time insights. The in-memory database technology makes data processing and transactions very fast as the data stores in RAM.

Is SAP HANA free?

Try SAP HANA for free

The trial includes SAP HANA, express edition, available for free for development and productive use for up to 32 GB of RAM.

Why is SAP HANA database so fast?

Columnar structure of database store – The main design of the central structure of HANA is its columnar store. Super-high performance architecture enables running queries very fast by the columnar operation while preserving the benefits of row stores, absorbs transactions with a high speed into the row stores as well.

What exactly is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA (high-performance analytic appliance) is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system developed and marketed by SAP SE. Its primary function as the software running a database server is to store and retrieve data as requested by the applications.

Why s4 Hana is faster?

This digital architecture allows faster and more fluid computing, which translates into the ability to process advanced real-time analytics and seamlessly integrate data from your ERP. In layman terms, the SAP HANA in-memory database makes everything run faster.

What is the difference between SAP BW and SAP HANA?

Comparing BW on HANA and BW/4HANA

SAP BW on HANA and SAP BW/4HANA are different application suites running on the same database. BW on HANA uses SAP’s legacy BW software, but moves it to the HANA database, while BW/4HANA uses a re-engineered software suite designed to fully harness the power of the HANA database.

Is SAP going to end BW?

If you’ve read my previous blog on SAP BW Customers – are you ready, I’ve mention that the support maintenance for BW will end in Dec 2024. For customers who are BW 7.3 or 7.4 the support maintenance will end in Dec 2020.

Is SAP BW a database?

SAP BW provides an open architecture in many areas: You can extract data from various systems into a SAP BW system and evaluate this data for your reporting using various front-end tools. Using SAP HANA as the database for SAP BW enables highly efficient processing of queries and Data Warehouse load processes.

Is SAP HANA a data warehouse?

SAP HANA has a data warehouse solution known as SAP BW/4HANA. This business warehousing solution runs on a NetWeaver based ABAP platform. It is a model-based solution where a user designs a data warehouse model and data flow on the basis of which data retrieves from the original data source.

Is SAP a data warehouse?

Make confident business decisions by bringing data and analytics together in one powerful, intuitive cloud data warehouse solution designed for both business and IT.

Is Hana a database or data warehouse?

Data Warehousing with HANA Native

Being a modern, in-memory relational database, HANA delivers a classic SQL-driven approach to building and running a data warehouse environment.

What is SAP HANA SQL data warehouse?

The SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation (DWF) offers a set of packaged data management tools to support SAP SQL Data Warehousing use cases using SAP HANA. For more information please check out the DWF Community Page.

How can you use data from SAP SQL data warehousing in SAP BW 4hana?

  1. Data Modeling. Tools like the SAP HANA Web IDE or SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer are used to design and develop an SAP SQL Data Warehousing solution.
  2. Data Provisioning.
  3. Deploy, Run & Operate.
  4. SAP HANA XS Advanced.

Which SAP HANA platform capabilities are integrated in SAP BW 4hana?

I was even more happy when SAP introduced Smart Data Integration (SDI), which provides the same functionality as Data Services but is an integrated part of the HANA platform.