How to create private cloud using vmware

Is VMware a private cloud?

Private cloud solutions come from proprietary software developers like Microsoft, VMware, and Nutanix, while enterprise-grade open source solutions are available from Red Hat and others. Private cloud solutions allow companies to architect a data center using software-defined networking (SDN) and virtualization (VMs).

How do I create a private cloud?

Private cloud setup in six easy steps
  1. 1) Assessment. The first step for an organization going in for a private cloud setup is assessment.
  2. 2) Consolidation. The next step in private cloud setup is consolidation.
  3. 3) Virtualization. After consolidating IT assets, consider virtualization of IT infrastructure.
  4. 4) Migration.
  5. 5) Automation.
  6. 6) Optimization.

What is personal cloud in VMware?

Private cloud is an on-demand cloud deployment model where cloud computing services and infrastructure are hosted privately, often within a company’s own intranet or data center using proprietary resources and are not shared with other organizations.

How does virtualization in private cloud works?

A private cloud uses virtualization technology to combine resources sourced from physical hardware into shared pools. This way, the cloud doesn’t have to create environments by virtualizing resources one at a time from a bunch of different physical systems.