How to create nintendo account on switch

Do I need a Nintendo account for switch?

A Nintendo Account is required to use online services on Nintendo Switch systems (such as Nintendo Switch eShop purchases). A Nintendo Account is also used for certain web services (like My Nintendo), and can be used with smart-device applications (like Super Mario Run).

Can you have 2 Nintendo accounts on one switch?

We are not able to combine two different Nintendo Accounts together into one. Please note that you can link up to 8 Nintendo Accounts to a single Nintendo Switch console. Games that you‘ve purchased are playable by everyone on the active Nintendo Switch console for your Nintendo Account.

How many accounts can you have on a Nintendo switch?

Up to 8 Nintendo Accounts can be linked to a Nintendo Switch console at a time.

Do you need a separate Nintendo account for each user?

Before you can change the Nintendo Account on your Nintendo Switch and add additional Nintendo Accounts, you‘ll need separate user profiles for each account. Once you have created the profile, follow the steps below.

How do I add a child account to my Nintendo switch?

Sign in to your Nintendo Account. Select “Family Group”, then “Add member”, followed by “Create a child account“. Next, enter information for the child who will use the account. After confirming the content, select OK.

Are Nintendo accounts free?

A Nintendo Account is a free account that provides exclusive services and features to members.

What does linking a Nintendo account do?

Linking a Nintendo Account to a user account also provides access to the following online features: Access online game modes (online multiplayer, global rankings, DLC, etc) Use any applications that require Internet access (including Nintendo eShop) Earn My Nintendo points for purchases made on Nintendo Switch.

Is linking a Nintendo account safe?

Nintendo is notifying affected users via email, but only people with an older NNID account are at risk. However, even if you have a newer Nintendo Account for Switch, you may have linked it with your NNID to share eShop funds across the different systems.

What happens if I unlink my Nintendo account?

Unlinking a Nintendo Account from a Nintendo Switch console does not delete the Nintendo Account or any associated purchases. The Nintendo Account will still be available and can be re-linked to another user account in the future. A Nintendo Account can be linked to more than one Nintendo Switch console at a time.

How do I link Nintendo accounts?

At any point after you have created a user account select System Settings on the HOME Menu. Scroll down to highlight Users, then select the appropriate user account to access the Profile Settings. Select Link Nintendo Account. Select Sign In and Link to link an existing Nintendo Account.

How do I link my Nintendo family account?

Complete these steps
  1. Log in to the admin Nintendo Account for the family group. If you don’t yet have a Nintendo Account, visit the Nintendo Account website to create one.
  2. Click Nintendo Account in the upper-left corner of the screen to access your account settings.
  3. Select Family group.
  4. Select Add member.

How does Nintendo family membership work?

Players using a family membership can access the Nintendo Switch Online service via the same Nintendo Switch system or multiple systems – everyone does not have to use the same system. Multiple users on the same console are not automatically covered by a family membership.

Why can’t I link my Nintendo account to my switch?

Select “Nintendo eShop” on the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu to launch the Nintendo eShop. Select the account you want to use. If this option doesn’t appear, it means that the NNID currently linked to your Nintendo Account has already been merged to your account.

How does switch family plan work?

A Family Membership is $34.99 for 12 months and allows 8 Nintendo Account holders to access Nintendo Switch Online from the same or even separate consoles! Note: Any of the 8 users can be online at the same time and play together, as long as you have multiple copies of a game when using more than one Switch.

Is Nintendo switch online per account or per switch?

@cheapie408 To answer your question, Nintendo Switch Online is per user. If you want more than one online game profile, some games like Splatoon 2, require multiple switch online accounts(family plan).

Does Nintendo switch online cover all accounts?

An individual membership provides Nintendo Switch Online service to the Nintendo Account that purchased the service. A family membership provides the Nintendo Switch Online service to everyone in the purchaser’s family group (up to 8 people). Family memberships are available in 12-month increments only.

Does each switch profile need an online account?

They do not have Nintendo accounts. They are small children and don’t need any online account, email accounts, social media, etc. Will those other 3 profiles have access to play the NES games included in the Online service?

Can I share switch games with family?

So for any game you want to share, the user profile should play on any non-primary Switch and any other user profile can play at the same time on the designated primary Switch. A single user profile cannot be used to play on two separate Switches at the same time.

Is there game sharing on switch?

Like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you can gameshare on your Nintendo Switch. As long as you have a digital copy of a game in your account, you can easily share that game with a friend or just between a Switch and a Switch Lite.

Can 2 switches share games?

All digital purchases on the Switch are linked to a Nintendo Account. To share games between two devices, you need a single Nintendo Account on both. When sharing games, each device is registered as either a primary console or a secondary console.

Can you download the same game on two switches?

Nintendo Switch Online members can use the Save Data Cloud feature to back up save data from one console and download it on another.