How to create new rules in outlook 2007

How do I edit rules in Outlook 2007?

Changing Rule Order
  1. From the Navigation pane, click MAIL.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Rules and Alerts The Rules and Alerts dialog box appears.
  3. In the Rule scroll box, select the Rule you wish to move.
  4. To move the Rule up or down in the list, click MOVE UP or MOVE DOWN as appropriate.
  5. When finished, click OK.

How many rules can I create in Outlook?

There is no limit in terms of amount only in total size. Some rules take up more space than others. For server performance reasons, the total rule size per user has been limited. If you are using Outlook with a POP3 or IMAP account, there is no such limit, it only applies to Exchange accounts.

Do rules slow down Outlook?

Outlook has a limited (32kb) memory space allocated for rules. Users that add in too many rules not only have Outlook slow down because the rules have to fire off and process the rules before the user actually sees the message in their Inbox, but also having too many rules causes Outlook to slow down in general.

Why do Outlook rules take so long?

Each time you change your email processing rules, Outlook for Windows/Mac has to update the server. But it takes an unreasonably long time, even when there’s only a few rules being updated across a fast internet connection. If you’ve got more rules and a slower Internet connection it can take a long time.

How do I fix Outlook slowness?

  1. Overview. When the Outlook program suffers from performance issues, it can be caused by several issues.
  2. Try and open Outlook in Safe Mode. Try and open Outlook in Safe Mode.
  3. Use scanpst.exe to fix Outlook Data File errors.
  4. Repair the Outlook Profile.
  5. Create a new Outlook Profile.
  6. Repair Outlook via the Installer.

Why is Outlook so slow 2020?

When Outlook has performance issues, it can be caused either by a corrupt or damaged PST file, an add-in that isn’t functioning, a corrupt profile, or a problem with the Outlook application.

Why is my Microsoft Outlook email so slow?

The more Outlook has to share data, and pull data from the internet, the more it will to slow down. Outlook has a default setting that will sync your RSS feeds from Internet Explorer to a RSS reader in Outlook. If you have a lot of bookmarked RSS feeds in your browser they can make Outlook slow down considerably.