How to create multiple dollar general accounts

How many Dollar General accounts can you have?

How many accounts can I have? One account permitted per person. Can I sign up in the store? If youre interested in signing up at check out, the cashier will ask you to enter your phone number into the keypad.

Can you have multiple Dollar General accounts?

Can one household have multiple accounts if there a more than one shopper within the residence? Yes! According to the Dollar General site, ‘Each user phone number is unique and will not be linked with other members of your household’.

Does Dollar General accept multiple coupons?

Only one Manufacturer Coupon and one Dollar General Coupon can be used per item in a transaction. Stacking of 2 or more Manufacturer Coupons per item is not allowed. The stacking of 2 or more Dollar General Coupons in a transaction is allowed unless otherwise noted on the coupon or associated promotional art.

How do you stack Dollar General coupons?

How Can You Stack Coupons at Dollar General?
  1. Use up to five identical manufacturer’s coupons per day.
  2. Use one manufacturer’s coupon plus one store coupon per item.
  3. Use a store coupon on the entire purchase, such as a $5/$25 store coupon that can usually be found on the bottom of printed Dollar General receipt.

Can you combine Dollar General digital coupons with manufacturer?

Customers may use a single Dollar General store coupon along with a single manufacturer coupon per single item in a transaction, as long as the coupons do not state otherwise. Combining (also known as stacking) two or more manufacturer coupons per item is not allowed.

How does the $5 off $25 Dollar General coupon work?

Dollar General offers “$5 off a $25 purchase” store coupons every Saturday. These coupons are one-day-only coupons valid on the Saturday stated in the coupon. They’ll also print at the bottom of your receipt when you make any purchase at Dollar General.

What is $5 off $25?

Percent Off Table For 25.00
1 percent off 25.00 is 24.75 The difference is 0.25
5 percent off 25.00 is 23.75 The difference is 1.25
6 percent off 25.00 is 23.50 The difference is 1.50
7 percent off 25.00 is 23.25 The difference is 1.75
8 percent off 25.00 is 23.00 The difference is 2.00

Is Dollar General code friendly?

Dollar General will accept Printable Coupons, manufacturer coupons, and Dollar General Store printed or digital coupons. You are limited to 5 coupons for the same product. Meaning if in one transaction you are buying 6 bottles of Febreeze you cannot use more than 5 coupons for Febreeze in one transaction.

How do I find penny items at Dollar General?

Is Penny Shopping illegal?

Any items on the shelves after the penny out ring up for a penny. As a rule, any customer who attempts to buy these items MUST be allowed, however any leftover stock HAS to be removed. In other words, the Store Manager is to blame for letting penny items get sold.

Does the Dollar General App Show penny items?

The app allows you to easily scan items at your local store and will chime and alert you that a penny item has been found. You do not even have to look at your screen while scanning barcodes in the store.

What day is Penny Day at Dollar General?

Tuesday April 20th, 2021.

What is dollar general policy on penny items?

The Dollar General Policy states:

“If any penny item is identified by a customer, ALWAYS sell the product to the customer at 1c. If we fail to pull all of the penny product from the floor, it is never appropriate to deny the sale or argue with the customer.”

Does Walmart have a penny list?

Walmart also has an App that you can download and use to find items that are $0.02 and a store that may have them in stock. You can buy all sorts of items for two cents when you find them. These can be anything from toys, pajamas, underwear, socks, household items, and so forth!

Where can I find penny items?

You can usually find Home Depot’s penny items in their clearance sections. These areas can be in the front, middle, or back of the store. Sometimes you’ll find a Home Depot Penny list that someone was able to put together. Even so you may or may not find any or all of what they found at your store.

Does Home Depot have a penny list?

It is definitely a treasure hunt. There is no policy in place at Home Depot regarding the sale of penny items. Some stores will let you purchase penny items while others will not. Some stores will tell you that penny items are not to be sold.

Can I Penny shop online?

Yes, sometimes you can get lucky and find Dollar General pennies online! It’s rare, but you just need to keep checking! I got a nice clothing haul November 22, 2018. Yes, sometimes you can even find pennies online at!

How do you know if a Dollar General is an NCI store?

To find an NCI store, go to the Dollar General app and you will see at the top where you can change the store. Put your zip code in, but do not press enter yet. Then just to the right, you will see where it says “filter”.

Is Dollar General a good deal?

Dollar General offers low prices on thousands of products, but that doesn’t mean everything the franchise sells is a good buy. It makes sense to buy things like candy, holiday decorations, and cleaning products at the dollar store.

What does NCI stand for at Dollar General?

Dollar General also plans to expand its Non-Consumables Initiative (NCI), which brings stores an expanded home section, including home decor, bath, kitchen and party items. More than 5,800 stores offered the NCI concept at the end of 2020.

Is Dollar General Market the same as Dollar General?

Dollar General, which operates a total of 7,300 stores, launched the DG Market concept in 2003 near its Nashville headquarters. -ft, DG Market is about twice the size of a conventional Dollar General, which typically occupies 7,000 to 9,500 square feet.

Is Dollar General owned by China?

The dollar store industry is dominated by two companies: Dollar General and Dollar Tree, which also owns Family Dollar. The company, he added, imports about 40 percent of its merchandise directly from China.

What should you not buy at Dollar General?

8 Worst Things to Buy at Dollar Stores
  • Batteries. Deals sites and dollarstore experts have long been warning people off of buying batteries at dollar stores, especially carbon-zinc batteries.
  • Canned goods. The $1 price tag is the lure.
  • Gum.
  • Hair and skincare products.