How to create mail rules in lotus notes 9

How do you mark an email as important in Lotus Notes?

You can also click the flag toolbar button and create your own flags or flag them as high priority. Using the toolbar button leaves them in the inbox but also displays them in the follow view and the follow up mini view in the lower left hand corner of your Notes client.

How do I forward emails in Lotus Notes 9?

How do I move my Lotus Notes email to Gmail?

How to Migrate Lotus Notes email to Gmail Manually?
  1. Click on the gear option provided on the Gmail interface after that select the setting option.
  2. Move to the POP/IMAP section.
  3. Under the section of IMAP access, enable the radio button of IMAP access.
  4. Then click on Save changes present at the bottom of the page.

How do I forward multiple emails in Lotus Notes?

To use the new Notes 10.0 feature open the Inbox and select one or more messages to forward. Next select ForwardForward as Attachments. Next a new IBM Notes Email message is opened with the emails attached as .

How do I turn off email forwarding in Lotus Notes?

In the System Settings section of the navigation pane, click IBM SmartCloud Notes. Click Account Settings and then click Email Management. Under External Forwarding, select Do not allow automatic forwarding to external addresses.

How do I run a rule in Lotus Notes?

Figure 1: the Run Mail Rules toolbar
  1. Install the plug-in (restart the Notes client).
  2. Click the Run Mail Rules tool on the Tool-Bar (figure 1)
  3. In the Run Mail Rules dialog (figure 2), choose the rules to be run (select/de-select individually or all)
  4. Choose the folder to run the selected rules against.
  5. Choose RUN.

How do I set high priority in Lotus Notes?

To set the importance of a message

1. Create a message and choose Actions – Delivery Options. 2. On the Basic tab, under Importance, select High or Low (Normal is the default), and click OK.

How do I turn on return receipt in Lotus Notes?

All users need to do is select the return receipt option on a message to enable it. Once the message has been read by the recipient, a return receipt will be sent to the sender, if return receipts are allowed by the recipient’s email system.

How do I add a read receipt in Lotus Notes?

You can do this by first clicking on the second column in your view (labeled Who) and then selecting the Create->Insert New Column menu option. Modify the new column to add some code to identify messages with return receipts in them.