How to create hana cds view

How do I make a simple CD view?

  1. Create an ABAP project within Eclipse by logging in to S4 HANA system.
  2. Right click on your username under Local Objects and choose New->Other ABAP Repository Objects. Core Data Services->Data Definition.

How do I extend my standard CDS view?

Provide the SQL View Append name and the CDS view name to be extended and the filed list. Activate the extend view. Make a data preview of the base CDS view and it shows the CDS view fields as well as the extension view fields. Open the SQL view APPEND in SE11.

What are the types of CDS views?

CDS views exist in 2 flavours, namely, ABAP CDS views and HANA CDS views. One of the common needs in an organization is the ability to do analytics and real time data reporting on transactional data.

How do I combine two CDS views?

JOINs in CDS View In ABAP CDS, Join between two data sources is allowed. Allowed joins are:- Inner Join/Join Left Outer Join Right Outer Join The post shows a simple Inner Join between data sources form SCARR & SPFLI table.

Can we debug CDS views?

So far, you could debug ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDPs). From now on, you can now also debug CDS table functions using the AMDP debugger.

What is the difference between Hana CDS and ABAP CDS?

There are ABAP CDS views and HANA CDS views. ABAP CDS views are database independent whereas HANA CDS views are database dependent. The CDS objects created using HANA CDS is not controlled by ABAP dictionary and hence cannot be consumed in ABAP Programs or Open SQL.

What is a Hana CDS view?

A view is an entity that is not persistent; it is defined as the projection of other entities. SAP HANA Extended Application Services (SAP HANA XS) enables you to define a view in a CDS document, which you store as design-time file in the repository.

Why do we really need cds views?

ABAP CDS Views allow developers to create semantically rich data models which the application services expose to UI clients. It is the central pillar of S/4HANA development and is used as the core technology in most of SAP’s programming models.

What is the use of CDS views in Hana?

SAP HANA CDS views are defined at SAP HANA database level. Views are created and maintained in DDL files stored in the SAP HANA XS (HANA Extended Application Services) database. The views use Native SQL. HANA CDS views aim to support the development of native SAP HANA applications.

What is AMDP in Hana?

You should be familiar with ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP). Briefly, AMDP allows you to optimize your ABAP code (for ABAP on SAP HANA) by calling HANA database procedures from a global ABAP class.

What is CDS in s4 Hana?

So let’s get started. Introduction: CDS stands for Core Data Services. This is the new programming paradigm within new SAP environment specifically S/4HANA systems. In a nutshell, HANA is an in-memory database which enables high speed data processing.

Does SAP deliver many predefined CDS views?

CDS (Core Data Services) views are built on existing database tables and views, to provide an efficient way of data modeling. There are several whitelisted CDS views pre-delivered with SAP S/4HANA Cloud which can be utilized to retrieve various kind of data from SAP S/4HANA Cloud tenant.

How do I run a CDS view in SAP?

Hit F8 or Execute the program to check the output. In summary, there are lot of scenarios in projects where we write complex CDS views and we need to consume them into an ABAP program for different business needs. In this blog post, we looked at the new ABAP syntax to consume a CDS view.

What is the difference between CDS views and AMDP?


CDS views can be created to read and process data at DB layer. Whereas AMDP can be created to process and modify data at DB layer. AMDP is used to work with stored procedures, which further go to HANA DB layer and execute that.

What is KPI in Fiori?

KPI Modeler

It is a tool used to model KPI and report tiles for monitoring the business data using Fiori Launchpad. You can define KPIs and reports to which you can apply different calculations and it enables you to make adjustment according to changing market conditions.

What is KPI Modeler in SAP?

What is a KPI Modeler? It is a tool used to model KPI and report tiles for monitoring the business data using Fiori Launchpad. You can define KPIs and reports to which you can apply different calculations and it enables you to make adjustments according to changing market conditions. You can configure drill-down views.

How do I activate Fiori analytical apps?

3. How to start Analytical App Analysis:
  1. You have installed the SAP Smart Business modeler apps on the front-end server and on the SAP HANA server.
  2. Your front-end user is assigned the PFCG role /UI2/SAP_KPIMOD_TCR_S.
  3. Your SAP HANA user is assigned the roles.