How to create group in roblox

How do you create a group on Roblox for free?

Can you make a group on Roblox without builders club?

Groups are a feature on Roblox. Anyone can create a group, but creating a group costs 100 Robux. It used to be that only Builders Club (later Premium) members could create groups.

How do you make a group on Roblox Mobile 2020?

How do I give my friend Robux?

How do I add Robux to my group funds 2020?

How can I give Robux to a group in Mobile 2021?

How do I transfer my Robux to another account?

There is no system in place to transfer items or Robux between your accounts. It is possible to transfer your games using Roblox Studio.

How do I fund my 2020 group?