How to create go project

How do I get started with go?

Tutorial: Get started with Go
  1. Install Go (if you haven’t already).
  2. Write some simple “Hello, world” code.
  3. Use the go command to run your code.
  4. Use the Go package discovery tool to find packages you can use in your own code.
  5. Call functions of an external module.

How do I create a Go app?

To start this server, save the above code as server.go, then on the command line either type “go run server.go” which will start the server, or type “go build server.go” which will generate a server.exe which will start the server when it is executed by typing ./server on linux (or double clicking the server.exe file

Where can I put my go project?

Either way the actual source code for your project needs to be placed in the src subdirectory (e.g., $GOPATH/src/your_project or $GOPATH/src/ ).

What is project layout?

The project layout sheet (or sheets) shows the horizontal alignment and plan or plan-profile sheet sequence and numbering for the project. The project layout sheet can prove to be of great advantage for large or complicated projects involving large interchanges with a number of diverging routes.

How do I create a Go workspace?

Windows System

Click the Environment Variables button at the bottom. Click New from the User variables section. Type GOPATH into the Variable name field. Type C:\goworkspace into the Variable value field.