How to create daum id

How do I find my Daum ID?

First download the Daum Cafe app. Third, Click on the bars on the right side at the bottom of the screen. Lastly, your Daum ID should appear next to ‘Login Information’. then this screen should appear, If you made a account manually then you can log in and the username/ID you type in is your Daum ID and you’re done.

What is Daum Fancafe ID?

A26: DAUM ID is the ID you register and log in with. NICKNAME is the nickname you use around the fancafes (you can use a different nickname for each fancafe).

Is Fancafe free?

The basic difference for fans between the two is that one is free (the fancafe), and the other you have to pay to join (the fanclub). In order to get access to other boards where you can chat with fans, leave messages to your idols, or read idol messages; you’ll need to level up.

How do I leave Fancafe?

How do you leave a fancafe? Scroll to the bottom of the navigation bar of the fancafe. You will see [카페 탈퇴]. You can click that to leave the fancafe.

How do you know if you leveled up on Fancafe?

How can I check whether I am levelled up or not? If you install the Daum Cafe app and log in, you will be able to get notifications when you are levelled up or when the staff commented on your post which means you have one or some mistake(s) in your application.