How to create business system in sap pi sld

What is business system in SLD?

Use. To be able to use business systems for process integration and to address them as the sender/receiver of messages in the Integration Directory, you must first define and configure them in the System Landscape Directory (SLD).

How do you create a technical system in SAP PI?

On the SLD start page of your SLD host, choose Technical Systems . The Technical Systems page appears. Select AS ABAP as your technical system type. In the table displayed, choose the technical system ( <SAPSID on host name> ) that you have created for the Integration Server with transaction RZ70.

How do I register my technical system in SLD?

Registering a new technical system in SLD – ABAP based
  1. At first you have to make sure that you have your SLD ready for the data import:
  2. – go to the SDL – http://server:port/sld.
  3. Log on to the SAP R/3 system that you want to insert into the SLD (as a technical system):
  4. – activate it and press F8.
  5. – your R/3 technical system should be registered in SLD.

What is the use of SLD in SAP PI?

SLD provides information about installable SAP software, dependencies and recommended scenarios and regularly publishes updates on SAP Service Marketplace. You can browse this information in the software catalog views. You can also manually add information about third-party components to the SLD.

What is SLD in pi?

System Landscape Directory (SLD) manages information about all installable and installed elements of your system landscape.

What is SLD and Lmdb in SAP?

System and Landscape Directory (SLD) and Landscape Management Database (LMDB) The data from the SLD is synchronized with SAP Solution Manager LMDB. The LMDB is a central, built-in repository for all SAP Solution Manager applications that consume landscape data.

How do you test for SLD?

Intelligence tests (often called IQ tests) most commonly used to diagnose a learning disability include the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WIPPSI), Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC), and the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS).

What is SLD data?

Besides component information, the SLD stores information about the current system landscape. A data collection process in each system in the landscape provides this information to the SLD. This process is managed by the data supplier administration.

How do I find my SLD data supplier?

Go to Configuration Management -> Infrastructure -> SLD Data Supplier Configuration and verify the information.

How do I push data to SLD from ABAP?

Go back to the SLD server and click on home. Now under the Landscape header click on Technical Systems. From the dropdown box Technical System Type choose Web AS ABAP. Now navigate to the ABAP system you used or use the filter option and fill in the SID there and click go.

How does SAP detect SLD?

Checking SLD Connections
  1. In the Web Dynpro Content Administrator choose Check SLDCheck SLD Connection.
  2. To test the connection, choose Test Connection. A message appears in the status line telling you if there is a connection to the SLD.

How do I find my SLD URL?

Specify the URL to access the SLD server. The URL is http://<host>:<port>, where <host> is the name of the host where the SLD bridge runs and <port> is the AS Java HTTP standard access port of the SLD.

How do I find my SLD port number?

If you want to check any connections, you can display information about host name, port number, user, and URL. You have administrator authorization for the Java Engine and for a System Landscape Directory. In the Web Dynpro Content Administrator choose Check SLDCheck SLD Connection.

What is CIM and Cr content in SAP?

the SLD holds the product information in details, which where necessary for different applications – we call it Software Catalog (CIM Modell, SAP CR Content) – PPMS: Software Lifecycle Management, Process Integration (PI), NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI)

What is Cr content?

Having consistent and up-to-date software catalog data (also known as CR CONTENT) in System Landscape Directory (SLD) and SAP Solution Manager Landscape Management Database (LMDB) is a prerequisite for correct description of the IT landscape.

How do I update SLD in SAP?

Updating the SAP Component Repository in the SLD (a simple guide)
  1. Updating the CIM data model. Log in to the SLD, for example: http://sp2n13:50800/sld/ Select Administration. Go to IMPORT.
  2. SAP CR Content update. Go to IMPORT. Press BROWSE and select your CRDelta….zip file. Press Import Selected file.

How do I download CIM and Cr content in SAP?

Update the Component Repository Content (CR Content) in the System Landscape Directory (SLD)
  1. Step 1: CR Content Version Check. Go to SLD (http://<host>:<port>/sld) ->Administration -> Details–> Data.
  2. Step 2: Importing the downloaded CRDELTA and CIMSAP files. Go to SLD –> Administration –> Import.
  3. Step 3: Import check.

How do you upgrade CIM?

You must first download the current CIM model.


  1. Check the table space size of PSAPSR3DB ,Please keep at least 10 GB free size if you are upgrade version 4. to 9.1.
  2. Check the SLD service status( service should be in green status)
  3. Take the backup SLD version before Upgrade.
  4. Take the backup of the system.