How to create business object in sap abap

How do you start a business object in SAP?

To Browse for BO open tcode SWO2 (Path -> Tools ->ABAP Workbench->Overview->Business Object Browser). You can expand the nodes and can check various business objects in BOR. You can double click on the BO node and it will take you to BO display (SWO1).

What is Business Object Type in SAP?

A business object type is the representation of a business entity, like an employee or a sales order, in an SAP System. It encompasses both the functions (in the form of methods) and the data (in the form of attributes) of this entity.

What is BOR method?

Use. With a method you define a function with which you can edit, create, search for, or delete an object of this object type. The methods refer to ABAP functions (transactions, function modules, dialog modules, and so on) and make them available to the workflow system.

What is the use of business objects in SAP?

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence is a centralised suite for data reporting, visualisation, and sharing. As the on-premise BI layer for SAP’s Business Technology Platform, it transforms data into useful insights, available anytime, anywhere.

Which transaction can be used to extend business object?

SAP Extend Object Model For Business Transaction Codes
# TCODE Description
1 PFCG Role Maintenance
2 SE80 object Navigator
3 SM30 Call View Maintenance
4 SWO1 business object Builder

How do you delegate a business object in SAP?

  1. Create a business Object using transaction SWO1.
  2. Now take super-type as BUS2012 which you want to delegate.
  3. Save it in a ‘Z’ Package.
  4. Click on Object type and go to EDIT.
  5. Again click on Object type and go to EDIT.
  6. Now click on Methods and press create button.

What is the usage of check function module in workflow terminology?

Check Function Module takes care of scenario before Workflow is triggered. It may require that you have triggered a Workflow for a particular key field and you want to make sure that Workflow does not get trigger again for the same key fields.

How do you debug a workflow in SAP?

Workflow debugging : Trick 😉
  1. Open BOR method which you want to debug. Put below code in it.
  2. Trigger the workflow.
  3. Go to SM50, you will observe one task is in Running state with user as WF-BATCH.
  4. Select that record and click Administration from menu bar.
  5. Terminate the infinite loop by clicking to ‘Go to Statement’.

How do I view a function module in SAP?

You can find the function builder with transaction code SE37. Just type a part of a function module name with a wild card character to demonstrate the way function modules can be searched for. Type *amount* and then press the F4 key. The results of the search will be displayed in a new window.

How many different types of event delivery are possible in system SAP?

The delivery generates five different events. The application system sends these to the corresponding event handler in SAP EM. The application system determines the event handler using the tracking ID specified in the extractor.

How do I know if a SAP workflow is active?

Go to transaction SWEL and check if an event is created. If not, check in transaction SWELS if the event log is activated. – If you see an event but no workflow is triggered, proceed with step 3. – If you see an event and a workflow is triggered, but the status of the triggering shows an error, proceed with step 3.

How do I view a workflow error in SAP?

You can access the processing of workflows with errors navigating to this path: Tools → Business Workflow → Administration → Workflow Runtime → Diagnosis of Workflows with Errors.

Which among the following is not a valid agent type in SAP?

Which among the below options is NOT a valid AGENT type ? A : Primary Agents.