How to create bank account in sbi

What are the documents required to open a bank account in SBI?

Documents required to open a Savings Account with SBI
Identity Proof Proof of Address
Aadhaar Card Utility Bills (Electricity & Telephone Bills)
PAN Card Passport
Voter ID Card Voter ID
Driving License Aadhaar Card
May 12, 2021

Can we open zero balance account in SBI?

SBI Online Account Opening: The State Bank of India (SBI) online account opening with zero balance feature is possible now. The largest Indian commercial bank has made it possible to open zero balance SBI savings account as the SBI has waived-of its customers to maintain minimum balance in their savings bank account.

What is minimum balance in SBI?

In March this year, SBI had announced that it will waive charges for non-maintenance of average monthly balance (AMB) for all savings bank accounts. Earlier, SBI savings bank customers had to maintain average monthly balance of ₹3000, ₹2000 and ₹1000 in metro, semi urban and rural areas respectively.

What is the minimum balance in SBI student account?

Benefits of opening an SBI Student Bank Account

Minimum Balance limit is Rs 500. In some case, it will be a Zero Balance Account. No need for submitting formal address proof as the student can provide hostel address for a point of communication. No need for submitting a PAN Card.

Which account is best in SBI?

SBI Savings Account Interest Rates, 2021
SBI Savings Account Balance Rate of Interest (p.a.)
Up to Rs. 1 lakh 2.70%
Above Rs. 1 lakh 2.70%
Apr 22, 2021

Which SBI account is best for students?

SBI Zero Balance Savings Accounts

SBI too offers a zero balance account, which is designed to nurture the needs of students. To open SBI students account, students need the basic KYC documents like an adhaar card, a photograph, etc. A free debit card is also issued to the account holder.

How can I convert my SBI account to salary account?

You would need to intimate your employer about your existing Bank details, so that the monthly salary credits are routed through the same account. You would also need to intimate your Bank branch for the required change in employer mapping with the Bank.

Can I have 2 SBI accounts?

Yes. You can have two different accounts in two different branches of same bank. Yes you can open as many accounts you want in different branches of same bank.

Which salary account is best?

The following is the list of best 5 salary accounts available in India:
  • Kotak Platina Salary Account.
  • SBI Corporate Salary Package.
  • HDFC Bank Classic Salary Account.
  • Citibank Suvidha Salary Account.
  • Axis Bank Prime Salary Account.

What is difference between saving account and salary account?

A Salary Account is opened by an organization with the purpose of crediting the salary to the employee. A Savings Account can be opened by anyone with Aadhar card to deposit money for the purpose of holding or saving it with the bank. A Salary Account is created by the employer. Anyone can open a Savings Account.