How to create athena health account

How do I register on Athena?

Registration is easy: Go to on any browser that supports Java applets. or go to any Athena workstation that displays the words “Welcome to Athena” and make sure the login window appears. Click on the Register for an Account button at the bottom of the login window.

How do I sign up for Athena patient portal?

Create enrollment credentials
  1. Create your username. Enter a username you want to use when you login.
  2. Create your password. Enter a password you want to use when you login.
  3. Create your login security authorization. Choose a login security question and enter your answer.
  4. Create your password recovery credentials.

Is there an app for athenahealth?

epocrates – Best Medical App for Doctors | athenahealth.

How do I reset my athenahealth account?

Enter the e-mail address and username you registered with and we will send you a link to reset your password. Your username cannot be modified after you create it. For privacy, avoid including personal or private information in your username. Forgot your username?

How much does athenahealth cost?

Athenahealth charges 4—7% of the total practice revenue for their billing services, which includes the rest of its products.

How do I contact athenahealth?

Contact Us Sales | athenahealth

Give us a call at 800-981-5084, or schedule a meeting with this online form. Where can I find product information?

Is Athena health down?

Is the system down? Thankfully, our downtimes are infrequent, but you can check to see the current status of athenaNet and other technologies. The site updates in real-time to display any athenanet alerts for our various services.