How to create a webex link

How do I create a Webex Meeting link?

How do I send a Webex Meeting invite?

From the Home ribbon in Microsoft Outlook, go to Schedule Meeting > Schedule Personal Room Meeting in the Webex group. Click To and select who you want to invite to the meeting. Add a Location, and then click Send. Select Send to send the meeting invitations to the people you have invited.

How do I create a Webex event?

Schedule an Event

Sign in to your Webex site and select Webex Events (classic). On the left navigation bar, go to Host an Event > Schedule an Event. Enter the event information, such as the registration requirements, date, audio settings, and attendees.

Do you have to register for a Webex event?

You can require that Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Events (New) attendees register before they can join. This provides enhanced security and allows you to obtain information from your attendees.

Does Webex have breakout rooms?

You can create up to 100 breakout sessions in Webex Training, with up to 100 people in each breakout session. This procedure is for host, panelists, or training session presenters only. In the Breakout Session panel, select Breakout Assignment. Select Automatically.

Can you record a Webex event?

You can easily record a Webex meeting, though the rules vary depending on what kind of subscription plan you have. A host can record a meeting to the cloud using a paid plan, but free plans only allow recordings to your local computer. On a free plan, you must start and stop recording from the desktop app.

Can I upload a Webex recording?

You can upload previously saved recordings to your Webex site and share it with others. Sign in to your Webex site. Enter a recording topic and description and then click Upload File. The maximum file size you may upload is 2 GB.

Can I record a Webex meeting if I am not the host?

Bandicam allows not only the host but also attendees to record Webex or GoToMeeting with audio. If you’re the host of the meeting, you can record Webex or GoToMeeting through the internal recording function of Webex/GoToMeeting.

Does Webex record meetings automatically?

With this feature enabled, when any of your users host a meeting, Webex Meetings automatically begins recording.

How do I set Webex to record automatically?

Sign in to Site Administration and select User Management > Edit User, and then select the user. Scroll to Security and choose Automatically record all meetings. To apply this setting when adding a new user, choose Automatically record all meetings when adding them.

How do I convert Webex to MP4?

Go to the File menu, select Convert Format and then select . MP4. The conversion dialog box will appear and allow an output filename to be specified. Select immediate conversion, and click OK to begin conversion.

How do I find my recorded Webex Meeting?

Accessing and Downloading Your Recorded WebEx Meetings

To access your recordings on the WebEx server, log into your WebEx account, at, go to Meeting Center and click My Recorded Meetings.