How to create a supercell id

How do I create a new supercell ID?

Attaching the first account to Supercell ID:
  1. Configure your device with the correct Google or Game Center account.
  2. Open up the game. The account associated with your Google account or Game Center will load.
  3. Open Settings and tap the button under the heading “Supercell ID.” Then select “Register New.”

How do you add a supercell ID on clash of clans?

How do you make a new clash of clans ID?

It’s the icon that resembles three gears. You’ll find it right above the shop, or in the top left corner during the tutorial. Tap the Disconnected button next to “Supercell ID.” Tap the blue Register Now link, then tap Continue on the next screen.

Is supercell ID free?

Supercell ID is a service that allows you to safeguard your game account and easily play your Supercell game accounts on all of your mobile devices. Setting up a Supercell ID is free and easy, and there are no passwords: on login, a fresh verification code is sent to you.

How many COC accounts can I have?

You are allowed to have multiple accounts on one device. It is not against the Terms of Service. However, if you have more than one account on a single device, and one of your accounts is lost (or if anything else like this happens), Supercell will not give support for your problem.

Can I change my supercell ID email?

You cannot change your email linked to you account. This is to prevent selling, trading or giving away your account. You can contact support and ask them to change it.

How do I remove supercell ID from Gmail?

Here’s one way to delete your supercell ID: On your cell, open Settings, hit on Google, hit Apps Connected, Select the game you wish to clear its saved data, then hit Disconnect; You might want to select the option of deleting your game activities on Google, and finally hit on Disconnect.

How do I kick someone off my supercell ID?

You can just press button with the mark”X” beside your supercell id while logging in.

Can I change my COC account to another Gmail?

Yes you can change your Clash of Clans account to a new Gmail account. Go to Play Store and change your Gmail account. Then login to the game and it will ask if you want to continue or you want to load an old village.

How do I transfer my supercell ID to another account?

Just mail the Supercell team that you wanna change your current email ID and provide them proper info for the change that’s all. They will transfer your ID to another gplay account. First disconnect your Google play game and then use another email id to sign in.

How can I transfer my COC account to another email 2020?

Then, add the same Google Play account to the settings on your other device (Users > Add new). Then, launch the game, tap on “Sign into Google Play” and select your e-mail address. A pop up will confirm the transfer. This might help you to transfer you coc account from one account to another.