How to create a package in cognos framework manager

What is package in Cognos Framework Manager?

Framework Manager generates packages which are based on a framework model and are used to create reports on. A model is a list of namespaces, objects, query subjects, dimensions, filters and calculations. A package is published to the IBM Cognos Connection portal and accessible if you have the correct permissions.

What is the best practice for building a Framework Manager model?

Query Subjects and Query Items can be renamed for better understanding. Avoid loops while creating relationships, by using shortcuts, as they behave unpredictably while reporting. Generic filters or calculations should be created in Framework Manager.

How do I change the data source in Cognos Framework Manager?

Re: changing DATA SOURCE in FM

Simply you need to create a new data source in cognos connection referring to your production data source then you will need to change the name of content store connection name in the framework manager to the new name you just created.