How to create a group on quotev

How do I make a group on Quotev?

Okay so to find groups you have to go to somebody’s profile and go to their group tab and see if they’ve joined any that is literally one of the only ways (I don’t think people can see other people group tabs anymore.

Why did Quotev get rid of groups?

Because Quotev is managed awfully. The owners of the site don’t ever interact with their users and explain things. They went through 4 accounts trying to get back on the site and they all got deleted within 8 hours.

What does sub mean in Quotev?

Many people create these and gain followers this way. Shops – is where you can request book covers,and other stuff,also when the owner or worker says bump and when someone says sub in the shop they mean. Sub – Subscribe.

How do you make a chat on Quotev?

See that little thing in the bottom right corner of your screen labled “_ Online”? That is your main chat box. Click it and it displays the people online. Click their name, and it opens another chat box next to it where you can send and receive messages from them.

How do you chat with people on Quotev?

Go to and click Log in.

Method 2 of 2: Using the Chat Feature

  1. Verify that the other user is online.
  2. Click the chat bubble icon near the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the user from the list.
  4. Type your message.
  5. Click the purple Send button.
  6. Wait for a response.

Can you use Quotev offline?

Yes it is. I really love quotev and it’s addicting to read stories there is also a little chat button but you can appear online or offline.

Is Quotev really deleting accounts?

This is a very recent chain, and only on Quotev – apparently, Quotev has now started classifying roleplay accounts as catfishing accounts, and is deleting all roleplay accounts. However, if you repost this picture, Quotev will see it and not delete your account.

Is Quotev better than Wattpad?

Wattpad is not a go-to for fanfics, but is wonderful for finding and writing original stories. The fanfics are very cliche and typically are OC or reader centric. Quotev is more preferable for quizzes and surveys.

Is Quotev really shutting down?

No, actually! Quotev is still running in 2020. They did the same thing in 2015.

How do you get popular on Quotev?

Sharing your writings outside of Quotev is a good way to attract more readers, and thus will boost your popularity as a Quotev author.

Start writing material.

  1. Write what you enjoy writing.
  2. Make your writing engaging to the readers.
  3. Try asking other people for advice on how you can improve your writings.

How old do you have to be to have a Quotev account?

And You must be over 13 to join , if youre not you can lie and say you are . Just be care because Quotev deletes people who are underage .

What does Quotev mean?

[Quotev] is a website that offers various stories and quizzes created by people who have an account. You can also create stories, knowledge quizzes, personality quizzes, and surveys.

Are fanfics illegal?

In general, the answer is no. Fan fiction is a derivative work under US copyright law and it cannot be legally published without permission of the copyright holder.

What was Quotevs old name?

So What’s This? Quotev (formerly Quizzaz) is a writing site that’s also become a minor social media website where users from all around the globe are able to create and publish their own stories, quizzes, and surveys.

Can you unpublish a story on Quotev?

Tap on a story. Select all of the story parts that you‘d like to unpublish. Tap the folded paper icon (Unpublish) on the bottom menu bar. Select Unpublish.

Is there a chapter limit on Quotev?

The third type is short stories. They’re under 7 500 words (25 pages) and they’reyou know, short stories. The length of a chapter. There are no rules and no guidelines regarding this at all.

How do I publish my story on Quotev?

First, create the story. Then have the other person either heart (like) the story or follow you. Go to “published.” Click on the “authors” link on your story and then click “add author” on the corner. Enter the username and a request will be sent to them.

What is the author limit on Quotev?

There is an author limit of 25, like you said.

How do I recover a deleted story on Quotev?

In the menu on the top right of your profile when viewing the Published section, there is an option titled Show deleted which will allow you to restore works that were deleted within the last 30 days.

How do you hide the author on Quotev?

Click on the chapter you wish to hide/unhide. 5. Click on the three vertical dots and click “Hide the chapter from readers” or “Unhide.”

How do you delete a story on Quotev?

Delete story or quiz

On the Published section of your profile, there is an option under each work labelled “Delete” or “Remove”. If there are other authors of the work, you can only remove yourself as an author.

How do I delete my reading list on Quotev?

Deleting Categories in Your Published/Library Section
  1. Click/Hover over the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the window.
  2. Click Published/Library.
  3. Click on the list you wish to delete.
  4. Click on the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of the screen and click “Delete List.”

How do you delete all activity on Quotev?

Delete All of Your Activity Messages
  1. Click on the three horizontal lines on the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Click “Activity” under “Profile.”
  3. Click the three vertical dots and click “Display as pages.”
  4. Click on the three vertical dots again and click “Delete all activity.”