How to create win win situation in business

What is win win situation in business?

Winwin is a situation, game, negotiation, or strategy in which all the parties benefit one way or another – there are no losers. “A winwin situation or result is one that is good for everyone who is involved. [For example] ‘Flexible working hours are a winwin situation for employers and employees.

What is a win win situation examples?

The definition of winwin is a situation or outcome where everyone comes away happy. An example of winwin is when you like the chips and your wife likes the pickle so she trades you her chips for your pickle. Designating or of a situation, solution, etc. that is a compromise benefiting all parties involved.

How do I get a win win situation?

Finding a WinWin in Difficult Situations
  1. Recognize the Situation. Many of these situations happen so quickly that we miss them.
  2. Identify What You Want.
  3. Examine the Facts.
  4. Hypothesize About What the Other Person Wants.
  5. Open the Lines of Communication.
  6. Find a Solution with a Positive Outcome.

How do I create a win win?

The technique consists of five stages, or principles:
  1. Separate the people from the problem.
  2. Focus on interests, not positions.
  3. Invent options for mutual gain.
  4. Use objective criteria.
  5. Know your BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement).

What’s another way to say win-win?

Winwin Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for winwin?

gainful lucrative
remunerative rewarding
advantageous beneficial
fruitful useful
worthwhile valuable

What is win-lose situation?

Winlose is a style, situation or strategy that sees one side gain and the other side lose. This is often compared to winwin situations where everyone builds new value and loselose situations where all choices and outcomes are negative. The following are illustrative examples of a winlose situation.