How to create template in eplan

Where are eplan templates?

Sample templates

After a standard EPLAN installation the .. \Templates\EPLAN and .. \Templates\<Company code> directories contain (e.g.) the following project templates and basic projects.

How do I create a cover page in eplan?

What is eplan template?

Project templates can be created via the project menu or the project management. You can use a project template to create a project. When you create a project template from an existing project, all project-specific settings and pages are saved in the project template.

Is eplan better than AutoCAD?

See, in comparison, ePlan was built ground up from scratch with the ideology of an electrical CAD package as opposed to a CAD package extension. Hence, ePlan is a much more directed and flexible solution with a learning easier for the unbiased. Ex-AutoCAD users will obviously have a tougher time with ePlan.

Is eplan free?

Use EPLAN Education Student Free of Charge

Please note that the use of licences is limited to the duration of your education and only intended for private use. The version of EPLAN Education for Students does not entitle users to any support or guarantees.

How do I borrow my eplan license?

In the EPLAN License Manager – Configurator dialog, open the Properties tab. 2. Click the [Borrow] button. ⇨ The Borrow license dialog is opened.

How do I update my eplan license?

In order to change from the EPLAN License Manager Version 7.1. x to the new Version 7.1. 9 you only have to install the new version. The older version is then removed automatically.

What is the use of eplan software?

EPLAN Software & Service offers CAx solutions for machine and system documentation in areas such as electrical engineering and fluid engineering. The products “EPLAN Electric P8” and “EPLAN Fluid” are used to create electropneumatic circuit diagrams.

How do you draw an eplan wire?

How do you draw an eplan line?

Lines can be drawn with a projection, which is useful, for instance, when drawing center lines.

Drawing Lines

  1. Select the following menu items: Insert > Graphic > Line.
  2. Define the starting point of the line.
  3. Define the end point of the line.
  4. End the action via the Cancel action popup menu item or via the [Esc] button.

How do I connect terminals in eplan?

How do you draw an arrow in eplan?

In Eplan P8, in order to add an arrowhead at the end of a graphical line, you have to first bring up the property dialog, set a checkbox, then click the OK button.

How do I delete a line in eplan?

Delete connections

Unplaced connections can be deleted in the Connections – <Project name> dialog: Select the menu items Project data > Connections > Navigator.