How to create multiple user stories in jira

How do I assign multiple users in Jira?

4 answers
  1. Go to Jira Administration > Issues > Custom Fields.
  2. Press “Add Custom Field”
  3. Search and select “User Picker (multiple users)” – it’s in the Advanced fields section, so just select “All” before searching for it.
  4. Give the field a name and press Create.
  5. Assign the field to the relevant Screen(s) for your projects.

How do I create multiple subtasks in Jira?

Sub-tasks can be created for any given Jira issue that allows it. Simply press the create multiple sub-tasks button at task level, type in the list of sub-tasks with their respective fields and click the button to confirm. You can also save and load templates containing most frequently used sub-tasks.

How do I create a user story in Jira?

You can create a new user story in Jira by selecting the option to create a new issue. When choosing the issue type, you need to pick Story. You can then use the summary field to fill it with the user story itself. You will see it on the new issue creation screen.

Can you add multiple reporters in Jira?

This is not possible by design. An issue can only be in the ownership of 1 person. However, it is possible to add new (multi) user picker custom fields or even (multi) group picker custom fields to your jira issues.