How to create ledger in marg

How do you change the ledger on a marg?

Firstly, go to Masters >> Ledger Master >> Ledger >> Modify Ledger. Press Enter.

What is Marg Ledger?

A ledger can be stated as an authenticated account record that can categorize a transaction. The basic purpose of creation of Ledgers in Marg ERP Software is to maintain records of any type of transactions concerning Sale/Purchase/Cash received etc.

How do you create a party on Marg?

Go to Transaction > Kitty > Select Ledger Master > Click on Add > and Fill Customer or Party Detail in Master and Save This.

How do I create a Marg software account?

In Marg ERP Software, the user can add the Bank details of a particular ledger as per the requirement. In order to add bank detail of a party, please follow the below steps: Firstly, Go to Books > All Ledger. Press Enter.

How do I add a bank account to my Marg ERP?

Go to Masters > Ledger Master > Modify Ledger > Ledger Alteration Window will be appear as shown as below which the user have to select the Bank ledger (In which user wants add account number)> After select the ledger detail window will be appear >Select Ledger Details > Modify ledger window will be appear > Click on

How can I post payment entry in tally?

How do I enter Payment in Marg software?

Go to Accounts > Voucher Entry > Payment > Payment.

How do I pass the bank entry in Marg?

How to pass Other Cash Entry in Marg software ?
  1. Go to Accounts > Single Entry > Other Cash.
  2. A Ledgers window will appear in which user will select Bank ledger, cash ledger or Short & excess according to the requirement.
  3. After that user will enter the remark in Remark field.
  4. Now press End key to save the details.

How do I fill a debit credit voucher?

How do I change my Marg voucher entry?

Ans. 1
  1. Go to Books > Entry Books > Receipt Book. Press Enter.
  2. Then receipt window will appear > feed date range. Keep pressing Enter.
  3. Now, Receipt selected date window will appear > Press enter on particular voucher.
  4. Voucher window will appear > Click on Modify.