How to create infotype in sap hr

How do I create a subtype for infotype in SAP HR?

Creating Subtype for standard infotype
  1. Go to tcode SM30.
  2. Enter the table name V_T591A.
  3. Enter the Infotype number.
  4. Select change mode.
  5. Select new entries.
  6. Enter subtype name, description and time constraint.
  7. Save entries in T591S, so that we can execute the program in different language.

What is an Infotype in SAP HR?

Advertisements. Infotype is used to store personal data about an employee. An Infotype contains four digit code and name of Infotype. Example − Infotype 002 contains employee personal data- like name, date of birth, marital status, etc.

What is SAP HR payroll?

Payroll is one of the key components in SAP HR module and is used to process payroll of employees in an organization. SAP Payroll system also calculates the gross pay and the net pay. It consists of payments for each employee and deductions made during a payroll period.

What is PA20 in SAP?

Managers and Payroll Coordinators can use the SAP transaction PA20 (Display Employee Master Data) to view an employee’s information via WebGUI (ECC System). The employee records that can be accessed are strictly based on the user’s authority.

What is HR master data?

Maintaining the HR Master Data function allows you to maintain employee data tasks like entering the data, update, etc. Data related to an employee is entered in various Infotypes. Maintaining HR Master Data function allows you to access an employee’s Infotype records individually.

How many infotypes are there in SAP HR?

Number ranges for infotypes have been pre-determined by SAP. They are as followed: HR/Payroll Data = Infotype 0000 to 0999. Organizational Data = Infotype 1000 to 1999.

What is SAP PA40?

Details Last Updated: 25 April 2021. A Personnel Action includes all the necessary infotypes, displayed in a logical sequence, for which data must be entered for a particular HR event like hiring, termination etc. Step 1) In the SAP Command Prompt , Enter Transaction PA40.

What is infogroup modifier in SAP HR?

Infogroup modifier is nothing but you can restrict giving access to certain infotype based on PA, PSA , Eg & ESG. Exa:- You need to give access IT0442 (Company car) only for executive employees bot not for all employees. You can restrict through Infogroup modifier.

What is delimit in SAP HR?

You can use the Delimit function for table objects (internal tables, field strings, and infotypes). This function flags a table object and the accompanying field objects in the payroll period to be exported as invalid. Note. The Delimit function cannot be used separately for an individual field object.

How do I hire in SAP HR?

Step 1 − Enter the hiring date as shown in the image given below. Under the Action type, select Hire. Click the Execute option at the top. Step 2 − In the new window, enter the details like Reason for action, Personnel area, Employee group and sub group, etc.

How do I set actions in SAP HR?

Setup of SAP HR personnel actions consists of the following configuration activities:
  1. Assign user group dependency on menus and info groups.
  2. Configure info group.
  3. Create personnel action type.
  4. Create reasons for action.
  5. Change action menu.

What is personnel area in SAP?

A Personnel Area is a subdivision of a Company (e.g., DUKE), organized according to personnel. The Personnel Area could represent different physical locations or reporting areas. A Personnel Subarea is a subdivision of a Personnel Area used in determining benefits.

How do I create a Pernr in SAP HR?

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You have to select Hiring action defined in your system. In case system is customized on the way Personnel number to be generated by the system when you enter all data in first screen (Infotype 0000, Actions) and Save it system will generate Personnel number.

What is the difference between PA30 and PA40 in SAP?

PA30 is used to manage the record of an individual employee or infotypes of people in a firm. And PA40 is mainly used to manage the record of many employees or many infotypes of people or employees.

How do I create a user in PA30?

Go to PA30. Enter a new Employee Number. Choose Actions Infotype (PA0000). Hit Create.

What is the it to update communication type in SAP?

PA30 can be used to create new communication records for an employee using the Communication Infotype. (0105). It can also be used to display and maintain existing communication records for employees. This includes.

How do you display infotype numbers in SAP?

By default, SAP does not display the infotype name. But you can change it very easily. The select last tab called “Parameters”. Now if you use transaction code PA20 or PA30, you can see the infotype number next to infotype name.