How to create gmail account using selenium

Can we automate Gmail using selenium?

Code to automate gamil login, send email and attachment. To use below code need to replace username password with actual values.

How do I sign into Gmail using selenium?

Use inspect element tool on the element of browser of which you want to find id. In this case we will inspect username box, password box, Next button to find their Xpath. And then use this Xpath combining with selenium function find_element_by_xpath() to find it across web page and save it in variables for later use.

Can we automate Gmail login?

It is easy to automate gmail login process and send email with attachment using selenium. It is important to select correct xpath for the elements which we need to automate.

How do I automate email verification in selenium?

To create a new Class file, we’ll right-click on the “src” folder, select New > Class, and name it as “TestEmail”. This class will contain the coding logic for using Selenium for email validation.

How does selenium handle verification code?

How to use OTP service in your automation scripts with Selenium Web Driver.
  1. On the authentication page, we enter your username, password, and phone number.
  2. The server sends us a request to enter the one-time password.
  3. After receiving the code we enter it in the authentication form.

How do you automate an email test?

You can just fire up a selenium browser in a process that sits in gmail in HTML Only mode, checks for new messages every X seconds (by pulling for the elments), and then opens the emails and runs whatever test you want to do on the email.

How do I email QA?

6 Steps for an Airtight Email Quality Assurance Process
  1. Here is how to ensure your email quality assurance process is airtight:
  2. Start with the basics.
  3. Next, you’ll want to consider all stakeholder-specific requirements.
  4. Develop a succinct checklist.
  5. Know what is really easy to miss.
  6. Make the QA process a team sport.
  7. Pretend you’re someone else.

Can we automate Outlook using selenium?

Microsoft does not currently recommend, and does not support, Automation of Microsoft Office applications from any unattended, non-interactive client application or component (including ASP, ASP.NET, DCOM, and NT Services), because Office may exhibit unstable behavior and/or deadlock when Office is run in this

How do I verify my outlook with Katalon?

Scenario which included following steps:
  1. login to outlook.
  2. click and enter the data on search text box.
  3. Click on that filtered mail.
  4. click on one button present on that email which opens the new window from the application.

How do I set capabilities in Katalon?

Project > Settings > Desired Capabilities > Remote.

There will be cases you need to connect and execute your tests on remote environments such as Selenium Grid and Katalium Server or cloud services such as Kobiton, SauceLabs or BrowserStacks. Katalon Studio does support this remote execution.

What are the options for failure handling in Katalon studio?

Failure Handling
Option Description
Stop on Failure Katalon Studio will stop execution should there be any error occurs. The step with errors will have Failed status.
Continue on Failure Katalon Studio will continue in spite of any error during its execution. The step with errors will have Failed status.

How do you run failed test cases in Katalon studio?

Use for Katalon Studio version 6.1. 0 or later. Overview This plugin uses for creating new Test Suite contained all failed test case from the previous run.

Rerun Tool for Katalon Studio FREE

  1. Close Katalon app and copy plugin file to Plugin folder of your project.
  2. Open project again.
  3. Run any existing test suite.

What is failure handling in distributed system?

Failures in a distributed system are partial – that is, some components fail while others continue to function. Therefore the handling of failures is particularly difficult. Detecting failures: Some failures can be detected. For example, checksums can be used to detect corrupted data in a message or a file.

How do you retry failed test cases in Katalon?

  1. Retry failed executions immediately (only available for Katalon Studio Enterprise users): Retry a failed execution of a test case or test data immediately.
  2. In Retry after executing all: Retry all executions: Retry all executions when the Test Suite fails.

How do you run all test cases in Katalon?

Execute and Debug a Test Case
  1. In Tests Explorer, open a test case or test suite.
  2. In Katalon Toolbar, in the drop-down list of button Run, select an environment to run the test case. If you click on the Run button, the test case is executed using the default browser defined in Execution Settings.

How do you run multiple test cases in Katalon?

Executing Tests on Multiple Devices in Parallel
  1. Step 1: Create two Test suites. Refer to the Katalon documentation for a quick guide to creating test suites.
  2. Step 2: Create one Test Suite Collection.
  3. Step 3: When we add a test suite a test suite collection, by default, the execution will be running on Firefox browser.

What is test listeners in Katalon?

Test Listeners is a great and flexible way to help you extend your current testing flows. In simple term, Test Listeners are test steps that created based on your own criterias and will be executed when the condition is matched.

What is the difference between test suite and test case?

A test case answers the question: What am I going to test? You develop test cases to define the things that you must validate to ensure that the system is working correctly and is built with a high level of quality. A test suite is a collection of test cases that are grouped for test execution purposes.

How do you use Katalon Analytics?

Upload Your First Execution Reports From Katalon Studio
  1. Next, enable Katalon Analytics integration to upload execution reports. In Katalon Studio, select Project > Settings > Integration > Katalon Analytics.
  2. Check the Enable integration box. The configuration setting will be enabled for editing.

How do I disable Katalon Analytics?

You can also create a new project in Katalon TestOps if you’re a team owner or admin, simply click the New Project button and enter a name for it. If you want to switch to another organization, click on the top right corner of the app. Select Deactivate.