How to create faceplate in wincc explorer

What is faceplate in WinCC?

What is a Faceplate? A Faceplate is a configured group of standard HMI objects that can have user defined properties and events configured. Faceplates can be modified in a central library for project wide updates and can be easily shared between developers through the innovative library concept.

How do you make a faceplate on a WinCC flexible 2008?

WinCC flexible opens the “Faceplates” editor.

Option 1:

  1. Gather together all the objects that you need for configuring the “Module”.
  2. Mark all the objects that you need for the faceplate.
  3. In the “Faceplates” menu you select the command “Create faceplates“.
  4. Click on “General” and give the new faceplate a name.

How do you make a faceplate in Siemens HMI?

Faceplates can be created and opened in two ways. Create and open in the “pictures” editor. Create and open via the project library.

How do you make a faceplate on a TIA Portal V13?

This is another great addition to TIA Portal V13 SP1 (for more info, see this). To create a pop-up, navigate in the project tree under your HMI to “Screen Management/Pop-up Screens”. Add a new pop-up screen and add your new faceplate to it. Select your faceplate and view the “Interface” tab under Properties.

How do you make a TIA UDT portal?