How to create emblem ragnarok

How do you make an emblem in Ragnarok Guild?

Log into the Ragnarok Online game and open the Guild menu (Alt+G) and click on the `EDIT` button. If you have done all the steps correctly, the name of your Guild Emblem file should be available in the Drop-Down Menu, select it and it will be set as your Guild’s emblem.

How do you make a transparent emblem in Ragnarok?

Open your “Ragnarok Online” emblem file in the photo editing program of your choice. Choose color “FF00FF” on your color palette. Fill or color in the area you wish to be transparent with the color from Step 2. Resize the emblem image to 24 pixels to 24 pixels, if it is not already that size.

How do you make a guild in Ragnarok?

To make a guild, you will need an ‘Emperium. ‘ (When you use an Emperium to create a guild, you will not be able to get one back if you decide to break the guild.) If you have obtained an Emperium, and have it on the character you want to make the guild on, create a guild by typing /guildguild name”.

How do I change my guild emblem in Ragnarok Mobile?

How to Change Guild Icon. Click More, then Guild. In the upper left corner, click the logo icon of your guild. Now, you may change your guild icon from the available list of icons.

How can I change my guild name in Ragnarok Mobile?

– [Guild Change Name Card]: Use at NPC located in Guild Hall, guild leader can change guild name. – Buy [Character Change Name Card] & [Guild Change Name Card] at north of Izlude Town, new NPC-[狄丝·瓦尔].