How to create dynamic parameter file in informatica

How do you generate a dynamic target file in Informatica based on column value?

How To Generate Dynamic Target File In Informatica Based On Column Value
  1. Sort the source table by the column Location using a Sorter.
  2. Create Expression transformation and create the below ports.

What is dynamic mapping in Informatica?

A dynamic mapping is a mapping that can accommodate changes to sources, targets, and transformation logic at run time. Use a dynamic mapping to manage frequent schema or metadata changes or to reuse the mapping logic for data sources with different schemas.

How do you parameterize output FileName in Informatica?

You can specify the parameter file name either in the session level or workflow level. To specify in the session level, go the properties tab of the session and set the property “Parameter FileName“. Thats it you are done with using the parameters as filenames.

What is Parameter File in Informatica?

Informatica parameter file is a text file which contains Parameter values and Variable values for mapping, session and workflows. It keeps the properties of workflows, sessions and mappings.

How do I load a dynamic source file in Informatica?

Here we go: Use a pre-session script that creates a file list.

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  1. In Workflow Manager edits the session task and go to the Mapping tab.
  2. Select the flat file source.
  3. Under Properties, enter the list file name (“FILELIST. LST”).

How do I load multiple sources in Informatica?

First create a flat file with all the 10 filenames along with their path. Now select indirect option and give source file name as list. txt. Now Informatica will pick the files one by one in the same order provided in the list file and load it to target.

How do you load the data from a flat file into the target where the source flat file name changes daily?

go to the session and Edit the session then go to the Mapping tab. In the mapping tab, select the source qualifier in the Sources folder and set the file property “Source FileName” as $InputFileName. Step 4 : Update the parameter file daily : create a new mapping to update the parameter value.