How to create drill through report in cognos

How do I create a drill through report in Cognos analytics?

Select a data item that your report users will choose to drill on for more detailed information. In our example, we are using CITY. Left click the element in the report that will serve as the starting point for the drillthrough link. From the tool bar, choose ellipsis (…) and DrillThrough Definition.

What do you mean by drill through report in Cognos?

Using drill through access, you can move from one report to another within a session while maintaining your focus on the same piece of data. IBM® Cognos® Analytics can match data from the source to metadata in the target report, or you can define parameters in the target for greater control.

How do you make a drill down on Cognos?

Procedure. From the Data menu, click Drill Behavior. On the Basic tab, in the Report output drill capabilities box, select the Allow drill-up and drilldown check box. By default, IBM Cognos Report Studio determines which items can be drilled on based on the dimensional structure.

In what scenarios can you drill up and down in a report in Cognos?

Drill up and drill down is available only when you are using dimensionally structured data and viewing the report in HTML format. Furthermore, you can only drill on members in a level. For more information about members, levels, and other dimensional objects, see Add Data to a Report.

How do I enable drill up and drill down in Cognos analytics?

By default, drill up and drill down is enabled. Tip: To enable drill up and drill down, from the Run Report menu, click Advanced Options. Select the Enable drill up and drill down in the report output check box.