How to create bex query

How do you write a BEx query?

To access BEx Query designer, follow the below steps.
  1. Navigate to Start -> All Programs. Under the folder “Business Explorer”, the “Query Designer” is available. Click on “Query Designer”.
  2. Select required BW system. Click the Ok button. Enter the Client. User Name. Password. Logon Language. Click the Ok Button.

How do I start a BEx query designer?

To open the Query Designer, choose Start → Programs → Business Explorer → Query Designer. You can also call the BEx Query Designer from the following BEx tools: BEx Analyzer.

How do you add a query to a BEx role?

Go to the query in change mode and in the tool bar you will se e broadcast icon, You will see a option “Broadcast in a role“. CLick that and you can select a role and assign.

How do you consume BEx query in Hana calculation view?

Step 4: Create a Composite Provider (HCPR) on top of this HANA view and consume the input parameters as well. Step 5: Create a BEx query on top of this HCPR. Filter the query based on the input parameter fields using variables. Make sure that the variable created accepts only “Single value”.

How do I create a query in SAP HANA studio?

To open SQL editor, you have to select HANA system and click on SQL button at the top. Once you click on SQL button to open SQL console for selected items, right side you can see a SQL editor where you can run SQL queries in HANA database.

How do I create a calculation view in SQL script?

Create a Calculation View i.e. Type is SQL Script. Under Columns, create all OUTPUT fields which are required to display in Output. See the below screenshot, once I created all fields, it looks like below. Note: We can create additional fields under columns, and we can calculate them using SQL Code.

How do you create a composite provider on calculation?

If you want to create a Composite Provider in the BW Modeling Tools, you have to choose New >> Composite Provider in the context menu of your InfoArea or File >> New >> Composite Provider.

What is Composite provider in SAP HANA?

A Composite Provider is an Info Provider, which combines data from several analytic indexes or from other Info Providers (by Join or Union), and makes this data available for reporting and analysis. UNION and JOIN operations are executed in HANA and not the application server.

What is difference between composite provider and Multiprovider?

What we have noticed is that the query in the multiprovider runs faster compared to the same query rebuilt on composite provider. The query is exactly the same and returns the same number of records,the composite provider uses the same infoproviders( SPOs and cubes total about 20) as the mpro.

How do you display data in composite provider?

To do so, go to Context menu of Key figure → Change Property → Change. You can also see XML structure of composite provider using display XML option. The next step is to activate the CompositeProvider. When the CompositeProvider is activated, the data is stored in BW Accelerator or the SAP HANA database.

How does a composite provider work?

A Composite Provider is an Info Provider, which combines data from several analytic indexes or from other Info Providers (by Join or Union), and makes this data available for reporting and analysis. UNION and JOIN operations are executed in HANA and not the application server.

How do I activate Composite provider in production?

Click on the ABAP Report for more details and click on the Functional Area to see all the abap_reports specific to that module/sub-module.

How do I create a composite provider in Hana studio?

Go to Info area folder where you want to create the composite and right on the composite provider folder>select New>Composite Provider. You will be having below prompt, fill with Technical Name in the NAME field and Description. Select root Operation radio button as per your requirement. In my example used Union.

What is adso SAP BW?

Advanced DSO (ADSO) is the primary artifact for persisting data in SAP BW 7.4 onwards. It combines functions from the Infocube/DSO and provides further enhancements such as modeling on Infoobjects as well on simple fields.

What is adso and composite provider?

Oct 2, 2019 by Poovarasan Boopalan. Composite Providers is widely used now in Mixed Scenarios, where we would be consuming the data manipulated in a Native HANA Model back into BW using a Composite Provider. When Composite Provider is used as a Source in a Data Flow in BW, only full load is possible.

What is adso?

In BW4HANA system, ADSO (Advanced Data Store Object) is the primary persistent object used in data modelling. This blog explains the different tables created when using an ADSO and how a full/delta/initial load updates/fetches data from these different tables.

What is external SAP HANA view?

SAP Introduced new functionality after BW 7.4 on HANA where we can generate HANA view directly from BW application during BW object activation, The external HANA view enables to create scenarios where data, which is modeled in the BW system, are merged with data modeled in SAP HANA with SAP HANA tools.

How do you use adso in calculations?

First you have to set the parameter External HANA View in the setting of your ADSO. When you activate this setting a SAP HANA Table is created which you can use in a Calculation View. The following functions are available for a SAP HANA Calculation View: Join.

How does Hana calculate YTD?

The results are shown in the Data preview part of the HANA studio, to enable this, click on data preview and then move to the ‘Analysis’ tab. Drag and drop relevant dimensions and measures. No Filter – when there is no filter, the results are shown for all the months.