How to create avast license file

Where do I find my Avast license?

Step1: Right click the Avast icon displayed on the bottom of the system tray. Step2: Next, select “About Avast” directly from the menu bar. Step3: Choose “License” directly from the list of options displayed on the screen.

How do I use Avastlic?

AVASTLIC files are typically sent to users as an email attachment when the product is purchased online. Once received, they can be opened by double-clicking them. After the license is installed, users can view the subscription information by selecting MAINTENANCE → Subscription within the program.

Is Avast Antivirus free forever?

It is no longer necessary to register your Avast Free Antivirus as your initial free license automatically activates after installation. When your free license expires, you can let the program automatically renew it. Alternatively, you can manually activate your 1-year license by following the steps in this article.

How do I put Avast icon on my desktop?