How to create autoexec csgo

Where do I put Autoexec CSGO?

Put autoexec. cfg in \Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg or take what you want from it and add to your autoexec config!

How do I run an Autoexec?

Now your autoexec needs to launch every time you launch the game, so navigate to your Steam library again.
  1. Right click ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’.
  2. Click ‘Properties’.
  3. Click ‘Set Launch Options’.
  4. Write ‘+exec autoexec. cfg’ and then click ‘OK’.

Where do I put the OTC config?

How do I copy my CS GO config?

All Settings

Using your steamID3 as a reference, navigate to your first account (with all the settings you want). Once there, open the folder 730 (this is the ID for CSGO). Open the local folder. Right-click on the cfg folder and select copy.

How do I open a .cfg file?

Right-click the “CFGfile displayed in the results window. Click “Open With” in the popup menu. Click “Notepad” in the popup window’s list of programs.

Where do you put config Onetap?

How do I import a config into Onetap?