How to create an online learning platform

How do I start a digital learning platform?

How To Start An eLearning Business In 6 Steps
  1. Define your audience.
  2. Identify your core content.
  3. Pick and create 1-3 actionable lessons.
  4. Select your eLearning platform.
  5. Set your prices.
  6. Market your new eLearning business.

How much does it cost to build online learning platform?

Your requirements determine the final price. It can be roughly estimated at $16000-$20000 for an educational platform with basic features. The more sophisticated your platform is, the longer time developers will spend making it work smoothly, and the more it will cost.

How much should an online course cost?

But as a general rule, we don’t recommend selling your online course for less than $50. Unless your goal is something other than to maximize revenue from your course sales, you should probably price your course for $199 or more.

How many hours does it take to create an online course?

Depending on the length and detail of the course, it can take anywhere between 25 – 500 hours to create an online course. For a mini course with just 4 or 5 videos you could create it in a couple of days. An in-depth flagship course with multiple modules and lessons could take 8 weeks or more to complete.

How long does it take to develop 1 hour of elearning?

How long does it take to develop 1 hour of eLearning? A average 1hour interactive elearning course will take 197 hours to develop. But development of a 1hour elearning course can range between 49 hours for the low end of the range of a “basic” course to 716 hours for the high end of the range of an “advanced” course.

How long does it take to create an hour of training?

from Chapman Alliance

And Chapman partitioned e-learning into three levels, Basic, Interactive and Advanced. At its most Basic level, 49 hours are required to develop one hour of e-learning utilizing static PowerPoint slides or authoring tools.

How do I create an online English course?

What are the steps to set up my own online English teaching business?
  1. Make sure you have the right equipment.
  2. Earn the credentials to teach effectively and market yourself.
  3. Choose your teaching niche.
  4. Choose a teaching platform.
  5. Determine your pricing.
  6. Choose a payment platform.
  7. Plan your schedule.
  8. Get your marketing game on.

How do you create an online course and sell it?

Creating Content
  1. Create valuable course content. Identify your audience. Get as detailed a vision as you can of who your target customers are.
  2. Differentiate your offer. Do one thing and do it well. Focus on a niche and aim to build a brand in it.
  3. Write compelling content. Make it clear why they need to learn this.

Should I create an online course?

Much like writing a book, creating and selling an online course helps to position you as an authority on your subject. It elevates you from practitioner to teacher, and indicates that you have enough expertise in your niche that you can teach a course on it.

Is creating a course worth it?

What’s missing that you could add to make the existing offers even better? Market research is crucial. There is absolutely no sense in creating a course that no one is interested in or that you feel you can’t garner the fees you require for your time and effort.

Why do you want to create an online course?

Building an online course or membership allows you to share your expertise and work with many more people than you could reach one-on-one. Some of these people you would not be able to work with one-on-one, either because they can’t afford you or because you‘re booked solid.