How to create a sling tv account

How do I get a free Sling TV account?

Sling in for Free: How it works
  1. Launch Sling Free. Click “Watch Free Now” to begin browsing the Sling Free library, or access Sling Free on one of our supported devices.
  2. Browse and Watch. Explore the free selection of live news, live channels, and thousands of on-demand movies and shows.
  3. Explore the rest of Sling.

What do I need for sling TV?

It requires a broadband home internet connection of at least 5.0 megabits per second (25 Mbps or higher is recommended). Instead of a cable box, you’ll watch on a TV-connected device, like a streaming stick or box, Smart TV or game console that runs the free Sling TV app. It’s also available on mobile.

Is Sling TV really free?

Sling Free is available on all Android devices!

Does Sling TV require a contract?

Each costs $5 a month. Sling TV doesn’t require a contract, and you can use the service on various gadgets, including set-top boxes like Roku and Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Mac and PC computers, and iOS and Android phones and tablets, as long as you have a stable Internet connection.

Which is better sling or Hulu?

Hulu Is Better Overall, Sling TV Offers More Add-Ons

Although Sling TV beats Hulu on price and offers more channel add-ons, the costs of those extras add up quickly and could potentially eat away at Sling’s pricing advantage.

Do you get local channels with Sling TV?

How do I watch local channels on Sling TV? Unlike the other guys, Sling won’t make you pay for local channels. Your available local news, sports like NFL Football, and more are FREE when you pair your Sling subscription with an HD antenna (sold separately).

How much is Sling TV with all the channels?

The two main packages — Sling Orange and Sling Blue — offer 30+ channels for $35 a month, or $50 combined. Sling’s two main offerings are Sling Orange and Sling Blue, each available to stream for $35 a month. For a limited time, new customers can get their first month of service for just $10.

Which is better Philo or sling?

We recently did an analysis of each streaming services channel lineup with Philo coming in #1 for what you pay vs the channels you get. While Sling TV’s Blue package was #2, Philo was 2 times better than Sling Blue when looking at the price you pay for each channel lineup.

Can I share Sling TV with a friend?

Invite your friends and family to watch TV – from anywhere in the US. It’s time to sync up your schedules and start a group text, because Sling Watch Party is available in all 50 states! Hosts can invite up to 3 of their friends to join them and watch both live and on-demand content on any channel in their lineup*.

How many devices can you have on Sling?

Subscribers to Sling’s $45 per month Orange + Blue, you can stream Sling TV on up to four devices at once. That’s because the service treats Sling Orange + Blue as if you‘re purchasing two separate plans, so you‘re getting the one stream from Sling Orange and the three from Sling Blue.

How much does a sling subscription cost?

Sling TV packages
Cost Number of Channels
Sling Orange $30 per month 32
Sling Blue $30 per month 47
Sling Orange + Sling Blue $45 per month 53
May 3, 2021

Can someone else use my sling account?

In terms of other locations, that single stream can be accessed anywhere and on any supported device. However, as it is a single stream, no other family or household member can access a different channel on another device at the same time.

Is Sling worth the money?

Sling TV is the best budget-friendly live TV streaming service, and it has been for years. You can get most (if not all) of your favorite channels for way less than your current cable bill, and Sling lets you watch anywhere on almost any streaming device.

Why is sling signing me out?

Occasionally instead of Sling logging, you off, it will display this error message. What does it mean? It could be several things, but most of the time, it means that you’ve tried to access content that has expired.

Why do I have to keep signing in to sling?

If you’re having trouble logging in to the SLING app or your account, there may be an issue with one of the following: Your Email Address > Your Password > Unauthorized Access to Your Account >

Is it easy to cancel Sling TV?

You can easily cancel your service through your account profile. If you have a regular membership, you can keep using Sling TV until the end of the current pay cycle. But if you were in a free trial period, your Sling service will end immediately.

How do I access Sling TV?

If you’re just looking for the link to authenticate Sling TV on your device, visit in your browser on mobile or desktop. To activate the SLING TV app on your device, start by launching the app. From the landing page, if you already have a SLING TV subscription, select Sign In.

What is sling orange?

Sling Orange offers the Disney Channel and other Disney-owned networks like ESPN, several ESPN secondary channels, and Freeform.

Which sling TV package is best?

Sling Orange is a great option because it has your ESPN coverage, but Sling Blue caters to the NFL and Undisputed fans. Sling Orange includes the following sports channels: ESPN. ESPN2.

What local channels does sling have?

Sling Orange ($30) doesn’t include any local channels, but Sling Blue ($30) includes local Fox, NBC in most of the Top 15 major markets. Sling does not offer CBS, ABC, The CW, or Telemundo in any package.

How much is blue and orange sling?

The Orange and Blue plan are each $30 per month and the combined Sling Orange & Blue plan costs $45 per month.

How much does it cost to add ESPN to sling blue?

If you have the Orange + Blue bundle, the Sports Extra package — with channels like ESPNU, ESPNEWS, NBA TV, and the NHL Network — will cost you $15 extra a month.

Can I add ESPN to sling blue?

Log in to your My Account page. Select Change Subscription & open the Extras drop-down. Choose +ADD next to Sports Extra. Confirm & start watching right away!