How to create a new xbox live account

Can I delete my Xbox Live account and make a new one?

Xbox accounts cannot be deleted! Xbox support can help you “Scrub” information from the account but not delete it. I wanted to delete my account and make a new one after cancelling my Xbox Live Gold. If what your saying is true then this won’t be possible.

Can you have 2 Xbox Live accounts on one?

Here’s how Xbox Live Gold subscribers can extend their Gold subscription benefits to friends and family. On the go: Sign in on any other Xbox, such as at a friend’s place, and share your Gold subscription with everyone as long as youre signed in.

How many Xbox Live accounts can you have?

On Xbox ONE, there only needs to be 1 xbox profile on there that has Xbox Live Gold. Up to 9 other profiles on that console can be added and use the Gold beneifts that the Home profile uses with no limitations unless of course you want to set limitations for kids and things of that nature.

Do I need 2 Xbox Live accounts for 2 consoles?

You can only share gold on 1 console at a time. If only 1 of the kids is going to be using the 2nd console, the first could set that console as their Home in order to share their gold. Otherwise, if multiple people will be sharing both, then you would need a 2nd subscription.

How do I share Xbox Live Gold with family members?

Can you get banned for Game Sharing on Xbox?

Microsoft could block game sharing – while Microsoft has allowed game sharing for a long time, it’s possible that it could be blocked in the future. Limited to two people – Game sharing on Xbox One is limited to two people: you and your friend. You can‘t share your account with more than one person.

How do I share my Xbox Live Gold account on two different consoles?