How to create a mafia family

What is a mafia family called?

A crime family is a unit of an organized crime syndicate, particularly in the Mafia (both in Sicily and in the United States), often operating within a specific geographic territory. In turn, a family can be a sole “enterprise”, or part of a larger syndicate or cartel.

What are the 9 Mafia families?

Families with Commission seats
  • Genovese (1931–present)
  • Gambino (1931–present)
  • Lucchese (1931–present)
  • Chicago Outfit (1931–present), often represented by the Genovese family.
  • Bonanno (1931–1980s; 1990s–present)
  • Colombo (1931–1990s; 2000s–present)

Is the Mafia hereditary?

The Mafia is hereditary, based on families. Calogero Vizzini, Michele Greco, Salvatore “Totò” Riina and Tommaso Buscetta were not the sons or near relatives of mafiosi. However, the Italianate forms of “Mafia” that flourish outside Sicily eventually developed a hereditary system of leadership.