How to create a grocery list with siri

Can Siri Add to grocery list?

You can create one or more grocery lists by manually entering items or scanning the product barcode (premium Android version). If you prefer using voice controls to quickly add items to your list, use Amazon Alexa or Google Home; Siri users are unfortunately out of luck.

How do you make a shopping list with Siri?

How to communicate with Siri to add items to your shopping list:
  1. You need to specify you’re adding something. Words like “Add” and “Put” both work.
  2. You need to specify a list. Words like “list” and “shopping list” both work.
  3. You need to specify that you want it to happen in Plan to Eat, as opposed to another app.

How do I make a grocery list on my phone?

Create a new list
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Keep app .
  2. Next to “Take a note,” tap New list .
  3. Add a title and items to your list.
  4. When you’re done, tap Back .

What is a master grocery list?

The master grocery list works more or less the same way—it’s a reference list of all the staples we generally need to have around. I keep it on a magnetic whiteboard in my fridge, but it might work even better in a spreadsheet or task-management app in my phone.

How do I split my grocery list?

How to Organize Your Weekly Shopping List
  1. Keep a Running List in the Kitchen.
  2. Use the Store Sales Circular.
  3. Organize Your List by Aisles.
  4. Keep It All Together.
  5. Categories to Print Out.

Is AnyList app free?

With a near-perfect 4.9-rating on the App Store, AnyList lives up to its name, especially in the grocery shopping department. Then just tap to add all the ingredients at once to an organized grocery list. Get it for free for iOS or Android.

How much does AnyList cost?

AnyList Complete is just $9.99 / year for an individual or $14.99 / year for a family.

Is AnyList app safe?

Yes. AnyList: Grocery Shopping List is a totally legit app.

What is AnyList app?

The best way to create and share a grocery shopping list and organize your recipes. Now Available on Android.

Is AnyList complete worth it?

Much of the basic features are usable for free (that’s how we started), but the really slick stuff — most notably the recipe import — is available with the Complete subscription for $7/year (individual) or $12/year (family). It is well worth it.

Is any list free?

AnyList is a free, universal grocery shopping app offering a built-in database of items for creating multiple lists. AnyList is also a depository for all your favorite recipes, and ingredients can be added to a shopping list in one tap.

Who owns AnyList app?

CEO and co-founder Jeff Hunter says the company — now called AnyList — still plans to improve the grocery shopping experience, this time with its thoughtful (and free) iOS-only grocery list app.

Is any list on Android?

AnyList for Android is Now Available

Now you can enjoy the full power of AnyList on both Android and iOS, and you can share and sync across platforms, to keep all of your family & friends on the same page.

How do I add people to AnyList?

Go to the Settings tab and tap on Account & Subscription. Scroll down and tap on Household Members. Tap Add Household Member. Enter the email address of the person you’d like to add, then press the Done button.

How do you use AnyList app?

Can AnyList scan barcode?

Ubiquitous access: Available on all major platforms. Barcode scanning: Ability to scan a barcode to add or look up an item.

Can you print AnyList?

Open a recipe and tap the Actions (•••) button. Select Email, Print & AirDrop from the actions menu. Select the Print Recipe option.

How do I reorder categories in AnyList?

Reorder categories by using the drag control to the right of each category. Remove a category by tapping the red circle next to the category name. Rename a category or choose a new category icon by tapping the category name. Tap Done to apply your changes.